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MTGstand is a website providing platform for peer-to-peer sales or trades of Magic cards and MTG sealed products.

Furthermore it supports an collection manager to help you manage your MTG collection and keep track of worldwide average card prices. Due to the fact, the website is a non-commercial project and completely free, it is can be used to share the personal MTG market stand with personal sale offers and wants.

It offers plenty of other features like:

  • A general collection import from any website or app
  • Add or remove cards with every delver-lens app scan in real-time
  • Automatic selling price updates based on the current card value
  • More than 1150 sealed MTG products with automatic values from sold auctions of the past 90 days
  • An automatic deal finder that compares offers and wants of all users
  • A buylist feature
  • A collection analytic tool

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