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Strixhaven Stadium.

Mage Tower is a competitive team sport played by mage-students at Strixhaven on Arcavios. Each of the five colleges fields its own team and brings a mascot creature that also plays into the scoring rules. Mage Tower is the main spectator sport at Strixhaven, drawing huge crowds of fans from the university and beyond.[1]


  • Two opposing teams meet in Strixhaven Stadium. Each team is composed of five mages, plus one small mascot creature.
  • Each team has a tall tower at their end of the stadium with their mascot creature at the top.
  • The goal is to score a point by stealing the opposing team's mascot and transporting it back to your own tower.
  • All magic that would harm a player, mascot, or spectator, or that would damage the stadium or basic rules of the game in any way, is nullified.
  • Otherwise, all magic is legal, subject to the review of the Mage Tower Referee Council.
  • The game lasts for three phases. Each phase lasts as long as it takes for the Mage Tower hourglass to empty, which is approximately 20 minutes. (Sometimes the last few grains of sand in the hourglass take their sweet time to roll around and drop to the bottom.)
  • When time is called at the end of the third phase, the team with the most points wins.

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