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Magic: Ajani Goldmane
Magic Ajani Goldmane cover art.jpg
Publication information
Publisher BOOM! Studios
Publication period August 24, 2022
Number of issues 1
Character(s) Ajani Goldmane
Creative team
Writer(s) Seanan McGuire
Illustrator(s) TBA
Colorist(s) Ariel Olivetti
Preceded By
Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker
Followed By
Magic: Nahiri the Lithomancer

Magic: Ajani Goldmane is a special one-shot issue Magic: the Gathering comic published by BOOM! Studios on August 24, 2022.[1]

Storyline blurb[]

Volume 1[]

This standalone tale introduces new readers to fan favorite planeswalker Ajani Goldmane, while delving into his past adventures and uncovering surprising revelations for the brave healer's current fans!

But what happens when the steadfast, valiant protector faces threats beyond his capabilities?



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