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Statistics and trivia

This is a list of Magic: The Gathering statistical facts and trivia.


As of the release of Strixhaven: School of Mages:

Total {W} {U} {B} {R} {G} {C} {M}
All cards[1] 22,049 3,329 3,267 3,317 3,298 3,267 2,965 2,414
Artifacts[2] 2,196 44 45 32 24 17 1,977 60
Creatures[3] 11,698 1,958 1,710 1,904 1,878 2,033 721 1,538
Enchantments[4] 2,639 581 528 452 397 438 5 237
Instants[5] 2,683 510 646 358 471 384 21 294
Sorceries[6] 2,501 273 379 600 530 414 21 284



Most reprints (as of Commander Legends).[21]

Card Reprints
Giant Growth 46
Serra Angel 43
Counterspell 41
Disenchant 40
Llanowar Elves 40
Dark Ritual 39
Evolving Wilds 38
Swords to Plowshares 35
Fireball 33
Air Elemental 32





B.F.M. (Big Furry Monster)


Sets and cards sharing names[]

The following sets share their name with cards:

Set Card (First Release) Notes
Apocalypse Apocalypse (Tempest)
Coldsnap Cold Snap (Ice Age)
Conflux Conflux (Conflux) Card in set of the same name
Conspiracy Conspiracy (Mercadian Masques)
Future Sight Future Sight (Onslaught)
Hour of Devastation Hour of Devastation (Hour of Devastation) Card in set of the same name
Mirrodin Besieged Mirrodin Besieged (Modern Horizons) Card released after the set
Morningtide Morningtide (Torment)
Onslaught Onslaught (Exodus)
Planar Chaos Planar Chaos (Judgment)
Prophecy Prophecy (Homelands)
Time Spiral Time Spiral (Urza's Saga)
Torment Torment (Stronghold)
Urza's Saga Urza's Saga (Modern Horizons 2) Card released after the set
Visions Visions (Legends)
War of the Spark War of the Spark (Heroes of the Realm) Card released after the set
Weatherlight Weatherlight (Dominaria) Card released after the set

Identical card names and subtypes[]

Other than the five basic lands which match their basic land types, there are a few cards where card name and subtypes match.


This is a list of creatures whose name and creature type(s) are identical.[29]


Card names that combine other card names[]


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