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Someone in Nebraska just summoned the Lord of the Pit

Magic: The Gathering - BattleMage was an early Magic computer game by Acclaim Entertainment. It was published on November 1, 1996 [1] and became commonly available in January / February 1997.[2] Though the game itself was not popular, its rich storyline recounting the Planeswalkers' War was one of the major events in prerevisionist storylines.

Blurb[ | ]

A maniacal warmonger,
Six powerful wizards,
and legions of magical beasts....
Welcome to Magic: The Gathering - BattleMage

A devastating planeswalker war rages across the continent of Corondor. Ravidel, a mighty planeswalker, has gone insane from grief and betrayal. He now seeks the destruction of all other planeswalkers and the conquest of the land itself.[3]

Ravidel hatches a diabolical plot to lure the universe's most powerful wizards to Corondor, trap them there, and force them to battle each other until they are weak enough to be picked off one by one.

Three of these wizards are Conquerors, who wish to take the mana-rich land for themselves. The other three are Defenders, who seek to protect the land and the people of Corondor from this onslaught.

Thus begins Acclaim Entertainment's Magic: The Gathering-BattleMage, a war of wits and wizardry that pits up to four players in head-to-head combat. Players face off on one of 30 richly detailed battlefields of varying terrain. Every spell, artifact, enchantment, and creature is enhanced with stunning graphics, and each creature summoned in the game can be commanded to attack the enemy or defend an oncoming assault.

Acclaim's Magic: The Gathering - BattleMage offers real-time gameplay and a striking environment that immerses players in the action and drama of these magical duels. Adding time and spatial dimensions to the game are strategies such as using the terrain to protect a weak flank from sneak attacks or luring enemy forces into a deadly trap.

Magic: The Gathering - BattleMage offers gamers two modes of play. The Duel Mode allows players to build a customized army of creatures and spells based on the fantasy adventure world of Magic: The Gathering. Players duel the computer or against up to three other players via a local area network, modem, or the Internet. Two Sony PlayStation or Sega Saturn Gamers can take advantage of the game's split-screen feature for head-to-head combat.

Players also can engage in Campaign Mode, a turn-based strategy game in which the player conquers territories and accumulates magical artifacts and spells amid an epic planeswalker war. Throughout the Campaign, players interact with more than 90 beings from the Magic: The Gathering universe. These encounters can be advantageous, providing players with silver, spells, artifacts, and clues; or adverse, resulting in a magical duel. Campaign Mode changes each time it is played; new spells can be found with each encounter, including the never-before-seen spells of Mirage.

The fully animated creatures and spells of Magic: The Gathering - BattleMage are like nothing hardcore Magic fans have seen!

Planeswalkers[ | ]

Conquerors[ | ]

Defenders[ | ]

Cards[ | ]

Name Mana Cost Type
Aladdin's Ring Colorless 8 Artifact
Amulet of Kroog Colorless 2 Artifact
Amulet of Unmaking Colorless 5 Artifact
Ankh of Mishra Colorless 2 Artifact
Black Vise Colorless 1 Artifact
Celestial Prism Colorless 3 Artifact
Conservator Colorless 4 Artifact
Cursed Rack Colorless 4 Artifact
Dingus Egg Colorless 4 Artifact
Howling Mine Colorless 2 Artifact
Jade Stone Colorless 2 Artifact
Mana Vault Colorless 1 Artifact
Meekstone Colorless 1 Artifact
Nevinyrral's Disk Colorless 4 Artifact
Razor Pendulum Colorless 4 Artifact
Rod of Ruin Colorless 4 Artifact
Sunglasses of Urza Colorless 3 Artifact
Tawnos's Wand Colorless 4 Artifact
The Rack Colorless 1 Artifact
Winter Orb Colorless 2 Artifact
Brass Man Colorless 1 Creature
Clay Statue Colorless 4 Creature
Dancing Scimitar Colorless 4 Creature
Dragon Engine Colorless 3 Creature
Grapeshot Catapult Colorless 4 Creature
Lead Golem Colorless 5 Creature
Obsianus Golem Colorless 6 Creature
Ornithopter Colorless 0 Creature
Wall of Spears Colorless 3 Creature
Yotian Soldier Colorless 3 Creature
Benalish Hero White W Creature
Mesa Pegasus White 1W Creature
Northern Paladin White 2WW Creature
Pearled Unicorn White 2W Creature
Samite Healer White 1W Creature
Savannah Lions White W Creature
Serra Angel White 3WW Creature
Teremko Griffin White 3W Creature
Tundra Wolves White W Creature
Wall of Swords White 3W Creature
White Knight White WW Creature
Animate Wall White W Enchantment
Black Ward White W Enchantment
Blessing White WW Enchantment
Blue Ward White W Enchantment
Circle of Protection: Artifacts White 1W Enchantment
Circle of Protection: Black White 1W Enchantment
Circle of Protection: Blue White 1W Enchantment
Circle of Protection: Green White 1W Enchantment
Circle of Protection: Red White 1W Enchantment
Circle of Protection: White White 1W Enchantment
Conversion White 2WW Enchantment
Crusade White WW Enchantment
Divine Transformation White 2WW Enchantment
Green Ward White W Enchantment
Holy Armor White W Enchantment
Holy Strength White W Enchantment
Red Ward White W Enchantment
Seeker White 2WW Enchantment
White Ward White W Enchantment
Armageddon White 3W Sorcery
Blinding Light White 2W Sorcery
Wrath of God White 2WW Sorcery
Death Ward White W Instant
Disenchant White 1W Instant
Healing Salve White W Instant
Morale White 1WW Instant
Reverse Damage White 1WW Instant
Swords to Plowshares White W Instant
Air Elemental Blue 3UU Creature
Apprentice Wizard Blue 1UU Creature
Cerulean Wyvern Blue 4U Creature
Ghost Ship Blue 2UU Creature
Giant Tortoise Blue 1U Creature
Lord of Atlantis Blue UU Creature
Mahamoti Djinn Blue 4UU Creature
Merfolk of the Pearl Trident Blue U Creature
Phantom Monster Blue 3U Creature
Prodigal Sorcerer Blue 2U Creature
Wall of Air Blue 1UU Creature
Wall of Water Blue 1UU Creature
Water Elemental Blue 3UU Creature
Backfire Blue U Enchantment
Control Magic Blue 2UU Enchantment
Creature Bond Blue 1U Enchantment
Feedback Blue 2U Enchantment
Power Leak Blue 1U Enchantment
Steal Artifact Blue 2UU Enchantment
Drain Power Blue UU Sorcery
Jolt Blue 3U Instant
Mana Short Blue 2U Instant
Twiddle Blue U Instant
Unsummon Blue U Instant
Blue Elemental Blast Blue U Interrupt
Counterspell Blue UU Interrupt
Power Sink Blue XU Interrupt
Spell Blast Blue XU Interrupt
Abomination Black 3BB Creature
Black Knight Black BB Creature
Bog Imp Black 1B Creature
Bog Wraith Black 3B Creature
Carrion Ants Black 2BB Creature
Drudge Skeletons Black 1B Creature
Feral Shadow Black 2B Creature
Frozen Shade Black 2B Creature
Hypnotic Specter Black 1BB Creature
Lord of the Pit Black 4BBB Creature
Nightmare Black 5B Creature
Plague Rats Black 2B Creature
Royal Assassin Black 1BB Creature
Scathe Zombies Black 2B Creature
Sengir Vampire Black 3BB Creature
Vampire Bats Black B Creature
Wall of Bone Black 2B Creature
Will-O'-the-Wisp Black B Creature
Zombie Master Black 1BB Creature
Bad Moon Black 1B Enchantment
Cursed Land Black 2BB Enchantment
Deathgrip Black BB Enchantment
Evil Presence Black B Enchantment
Fear Black BB Enchantment
Gloom Black 2B Enchantment
Paralyze Black B Enchantment
Pestilence Black 2BB Enchantment
Unholy Strength Black B Enchantment
Warp Artifact Black BB Enchantment
Weakness Black B Enchantment
Ashes to Ashes Black 1BB Sorcery
Drain Life Black 1B Sorcery
Kaervek's Hex Black 3B Sorcery
Mind Twist Black XB Sorcery
Word of Binding Black XBB Sorcery
Howl from Beyond Black XB Instant
Terror Black 1B Instant
Dark Ritual Black B Interrupt
Ali Baba Red R Creature
Bird Maiden Red 2R Creature
Crimson Manticore Red 2RR Creature
Dragon Whelp Red 2RR Creature
Dwarven Warriors Red 2R Creature
Earth Elemental Red 3RR Creature
Fire Elemental Red 3RR Creature
Goblin Balloon Brigade Red R Creature
Goblin King Red 1RR Creature
Gray Ogre Red 2R Creature
Hill Giant Red 3R Creature
Hurloon Minotaur Red 1RR Creature
Keldon Warlord Red 2RR Creature
Mons's Goblin Raiders Red R Creature
Orcish Artillery Red 1RR Creature
Shivan Dragon Red 4RR Creature
Talruum Minotaur Red 2RR Creature
Uthden Troll Red 2R Creature
Wall of Fire Red 1RR Creature
Wall of Stone Red 1RR Creature
Burrowing Red R Enchantment
Firebreathing Red R Enchantment
Giant Strength Red RR Enchantment
Immolation Red R Enchantment
Mana Flare Red 2R Enchantment
Orcish Oriflamme Red 3R Enchantment
Disintegrate Red XR Sorcery
Earthquake Red XR Sorcery
Fireball Red XR Sorcery
Fissure Red 3RR Sorcery
Flashfires Red 3R Sorcery
Pyrotechnics Red 4R Sorcery
Blood Lust Red 1R Instant
Flare Red 2R Instant
Inferno Red 5RR Instant
Lightning Bolt Red R Instant
Shatter Red 1R Instant
Tunnel Red R Instant
Red Elemental Blast Red R Interrupt
Birds of Paradise Green G Creature
Cockatrice Green 3GG Creature
Crash of Rhinos Green 6GG Creature
Craw Wurm Green 4GG Creature
Durkwood Boars Green 4G Creature
Elvish Archers Green 1G Creature
Force of Nature Green 2GGGG Creature
Fungusaur Green 3G Creature
Giant Spider Green 3G Creature
Grizzly Bears Green 1G Creature
Ironroot Treefolk Green 4G Creature
Killer Bees Green 1GG Creature
Land Leeches Green 1GG Creature
Llanowar Elves Green G Creature
Scryb Sprites Green G Creature
Shanodin Dryads Green G Creature
Thicket Basilisk Green 3GG Creature
Wall of Ice Green 2G Creature
Wall of Wood Green G Creature
War Mammoth Green 3G Creature
Aspect of Wolf Green 1G Enchantment
Instill Energy Green G Enchantment
Lifeforce Green GG Enchantment
Lure Green 1GG Enchantment
Regeneration Green 1G Enchantment
Venom Green 1GG Enchantment
Wanderlust Green 2G Enchantment
Web Green G Enchantment
Wild Growth Green G Enchantment
Channel Green GG Sorcery
Desert Twister Green 4GG Sorcery
Hurricane Green XG Sorcery
Stream of Life Green XG Sorcery
Tranquility Green 2G Sorcery
Tsunami Green 3G Sorcery
Winter Blast Green XG Sorcery
Crumble Green G Instant
Fog Green G Instant
Giant Growth Green G Instant
Sandstorm Green G Instant
Serene Heart Green 1G Instant
Tranquil Domain Green 1G Instant

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