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Magic: The Gathering - Concepts and Legends
MagicTheGathering-Concepts And Legends.jpg
Publishing Information
Author(s) James Wyatt
First printing October 23, 2018
ISBN-13 978-1-9747-0375-3
Preceded By
The Art of Magic: The Gathering - Dominaria
Followed By
The Art of Magic: The Gathering - Ravnica

Magic: The Gathering - Concepts and Legends is an art book that was published by VIZ Media on October 23, 2018.[1] It is a hardcover book exploring the lore of Magic: The Gathering, looking back on 25 years of Magic, featuring artwork, sketches and commentary from throughout the game's history. The book is divided into planes, races, creatures, and characters. Each section features art and sketches from different eras as well as blurbs discussing design and in-game ideology. The book is 1/2" - 1" shorter (width-wise) than previous books but the same height. It has a slipcase, instead of a dust cover.


Dive deep into the archives of Magic: The Gathering with an inside look at the origins of the characters, planes, creatures and lore of the world's most popular trading card game. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Magic: The Gathering, this beautiful collector's hardcover book features artwork, sketches and commentary showcasing the expansive world that has captivated generations. The book also includes four double-sided collectible art prints.

“MAGIC: THE GATHERING–CONCEPTS AND LEGENDS is full of memories, new insights, and offers a hint of what’s coming next for the number one trading card game in the U.S.,” says Joel Enos, Senior Editor. “Magic: The Gathering’s creative team combed through 25 amazing years of notes, art, and lore for this overview of their long and enduring history.”