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Magic: The Gathering Creature Forge is a series of Magic token creatures come to life in a miniatures release by WizKids. The inaugural set was released on September 19, 2018.[1] The token figures are sculpted in scale with WizKids’ D&D minis line.[2]

Overwhelming Swarm[edit | edit source]

The first release features 28 tokens spanning well known creature types from Magic’s 25-year history, including never-before-seen three-dimensional representations of Angels, Soldiers, Goblins, Zombies, Bears, Dragons, Dinosaurs, and more.

Measuring up to 55 mm in height, each token comes with a base that represents one of the five iconic colors of the Color Wheel. Mainstays like artifacts and multicolored creatures can also be found in the set, each with its own unique corresponding colored base (grey and yellow/gold respectively). Game stats are also shown on the base, making these tokens perfect for both play and display.

No Picture Rarity Color P/T Type Subtype Keywords Modeled after
01 WizKids Faerie Rogue.jpg Common {B} 1/1 Creature Faerie Rogue Flying Morningtide
02 WizKids Goblin.jpg Common {R} 1/1 Creature Goblin Alara
03 WizKids Insect.jpg Common {U}{R} 1/1 Creature Insect Flying, Haste Hour of Devastation
04 WizKids Pirate.jpg Common {B} 2/2 Creature Pirate Menace Ixalan
05 WizKids Plant.jpg Common {G} 0/1 Creature Plant Worldwake
06 WizKids Rat.jpg Common {B} 1/1 Creature Rat Deathtouch Commander 2017
07 WizKids Saproling.jpg Common {G} 1/1 Creature Saproling Magic 2013
08 WizKids Soldier.jpg Common {W} 1/1 Creature Soldier Scars of Mirrodin
09 WizKids Spider.jpg Common {G} 1/2 Creature Spider Reach Innistrad
10 WizKids Spirit.jpg Common {W} 1/1 Creature Spirit Flying Shadows over Innistrad
11 WizKids Treasure.jpg Common {C} Artifact Treasure Ixalan, #10
12 WizKids Zombie.jpg Common {B} 2/2 Creature Zombie Amonkhet
13 WizKids Bear.jpg Uncommon {G} 2/2 Creature Bear Khans of Tarkir, with misprinted stats
14 WizKids Beast.jpg Uncommon {G} 3/3 Creature Beast Lorwyn
15 WizKids Bird.jpg Uncommon {W} 1/1 Creature Bird Flying Zendikar
16 WizKids Drake.jpg Uncommon {U} 2/2 Creature Drake Flying Amonkhet
17 WizKids Golem.jpg Uncommon {C} 3/3 Artifact Creature Golem Scars of Mirrodin
18 WizKids Ooze.jpg Uncommon {G} */* Creature Ooze Return to Ravnica
19 WizKids Pegasus.jpg Uncommon {W} 1/1 Creature Pegasus Flying Commander 2014
20 WizKids Sliver.jpg Uncommon {C} 1/1 Creature Sliver Legions
21 WizKids Snake.jpg Uncommon {G} 1/1 Creature Snake Khans of Tarkir
22 WizKids Wolf.jpg Uncommon {G} 2/2 Creature Wolf Zendikar
23 WizKids Angel.jpg Rare {W} 4/4 Creature Angel Flying Shadows over Innistrad
24 WizKids Demon.jpg Rare {B} 5/5 Creature Demon Flying Conspiracy, with misprinted stats
25 WizKids Dinosaur.jpg Rare {G} 3/3 Creature Dinosaur Trample Ixalan
26 WizKids Dragon 2.jpg Rare {R} 5/5 Creature Dragon Flying Worldwake
27 WizKids Horse.jpg Rare {W} 5/5 Creature Horse Hour of Devastation
28 WizKids Wurm.jpg Rare {G} 5/5 Creature Wurm Amonkhet

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