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Magic: The Gathering - Theros
DF Theros 6.jpg
Publication information
Publisher IDW Publishing
Publication period 2013-2014
Number of issues 5
Character(s) Dack Fayden
ISBN-13 978-1613779088
Creative team
Writer(s) Jason Ciaramella
Illustrator(s) Martin Coccolo
Preceded By
Magic: The Gathering - Path of Vengeance
Followed By
Magic: The Gathering - Chandra

Magic: The Gathering - Theros is a paperback published by IDW Publishing in 2014, assembling 5 comics which were published at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. The book continues the exploits of the planeswalker thief Dack Fayden, a Magic character especially created for the series.


  • Dack Fayden Returns! After eliminating Sifa Grent, the Planeswalker that destroyed his hometown, Dack has settled down in Ravnica to do what he does best: break in and steal the secrets from Ravnica's rarest artifacts. But upon uncovering the half of a strange gauntlet, Dack is led to a strange new plane: the realm of Theros, a sun-dappled ruled by gods and inhabited by mythological beasts!
  • Dack Fayden follows the trail of his most recent stolen artifact to Theros, where he makes his way to a sinister island that holds the secrets of his newest acquisition. But such powerful artifacts are rarely left unguarded...
  • Dack Fayden has managed to assemble the powerful artifact that first brought him to Theros. But as a monster of the deep attacks the vessel he sails on, Dack must put his new acquisition to good use... and fast!
  • Dack Fayden remains in Theros with his new artifact - a powerful gauntlet that holds many secrets. But those secrets may bring trouble to Dack's doorstep... and the Planeswalker thief will have to face a foe unlike any other.
  • A new threat stalks the nightmares of the people of Theros and it's up to Dack Fayden to figure out a way to stop this new enemy. But will Dack's own dreams be overtaken before he can confront this threat? Perhaps he will have to seek help from the gods of Theros before he can stop Ashiok, the Nightmare Weaver!


Each first wave of the original comic books contained a playable alternate art promotional cards.