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Loading screens in Magic: The Gathering Arena display gameplay tips and lore text. The following tooltips give background lore often not found in other locations.

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Wilds of Eldraine Ash always wanted to attend the Grand Ball in the dwarven halls of Delverhaugh, but her parents forbade it. Unbeknownst to them, she dons a disguise and sneaks into the ball. Unbeknownst to her, she falls in love with a mysterious stranger and is forced to flee leaving her helmet behind...
Wilds of Eldraine Eriette was gifted an apple that caused anybody who tasted it to fall in love with her, but she always dreamed a bit bigger. Now sleepwalkers and dreamers do her bidding, all while the mind of Neva, a girl interred in a glass coffin, wanders the realm of dreams.
Wilds of Eldraine Hylda is an exacting and dispassionate woman who could bury Eldraine in snow and ice with her crown of weather manipulation. But she mostly just wants to be left alone in her self-imposed isolation.
Wilds of Eldraine Once just a nervous village boy with a knack for elementary cantrips, Johann was chosen to be an apprentice to the sorcerer of Caervelin. But now with his master asleep, he is desperate to find a way to undo the elemental chaos he has inadvertently caused.
Wilds of Eldraine Ruby is a tough, street-smart girl who lives on the outskirts of the dangerous Wilds. But when her brother is kidnapped and ensorcelled, she has no choice but to take on the red mantle of his rescuer.
Wilds of Eldraine Syr Armont is known throughout the Realm for her beauty and devotion to Ardenvale. When she stumbles upon Redtooth Keep and the cursed elves within, she vows to outfox the terrible enchantment that transforms them into beasts.
Wilds of Eldraine The Kindly Lord Talion, ruler and progenitor of the race of fae, unleashed a terrible sleeping curse upon Eldraine to defeat the Phyrexians. Even their daughter Obyra is fast asleep, but just as deadly, and just as kind.
Wilds of Eldraine Totentanz never made much coin playing songs on his carved pipe. But after making a dark deal with the demonic rat Lord Skitter, he's been granted eerie and wonderous powers for his second verse.
Wilds of Eldraine Troyan is a vedalken from Ravnica who once paid allegiance to the Izzet League. After discovering an Omenpath leading to Eldraine, he's managed to climb the Everstalks to hijack as much treasure from Stormkeld as he can before the cloud giants find him.
Wilds of Eldraine Years ago, siblings Hanlon and Greta wandered into Sweettooth Village and were attacked by sinister living candy. Unlike Hanlon, Greta was able to escape with her life. Now she returns as a witch hunter to exact sweet justice upon those who robbed her of her brother.
Outlaws of Thunder Junction The Freestriders are vigilantes who do what they believe is right, regardless of what the law says. They live a nomadic lifestyle, riding wherever the wind takes them and helping the disenfranchised along the way.
Outlaws of Thunder Junction The Outcasters are survivalists, adhering only to the laws of nature. Whether exploring unmapped territory or conducting natural experiments, so long as you don't bother them, they won't bother you.
Outlaws of Thunder Junction What good is skill without style? Not good at all, according to the Slickshots. Every duel is an opportunity for pageantry, and every con is a shot at fame. Wherever they go, they'll be sure to make it the ride of a lifetime.
Outlaws of Thunder Junction The Sterling Company believes that money and political hierarchy is the best way to bring order to the chaos of Thunder Junction. Anyone who doesn't conform to this belief is met with banishment.
Outlaws of Thunder Junction The Hellspurs are the most hard-boiled and violent bandits of them all. They integrate the natural magic of the land directly into their bodies, turning themselves into villains that can perform cruel feats of legend.
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Oko is "The Face" of his crew, using his charisma and charm to recruit others to his side and advance his dastardly plans. But who could his mysterious benefactor be? Only time will tell...
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Vraska is "The Blade" of Oko's crew, using her powers of assassination to further their cause and remove any obstacles in their path. But she may be hiding ulterior motives in reaching the storied vault, Maag-Taranau.
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Annie Flash was recruited by Oko due to her knowledge of the Hellspurs. She just needs to finish this one last job before retirement.
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Originally from Urborg on Dominaria, Tinybones is "The Thief" of Oko's crew. He's able to take his skeleton apart and piece himself back together, allowing him to break into anywhere and take anything he desires.
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Normally a guildmaster on Ravnica, the demon Rakdos has taken a holiday to the plane of Thunder Junction to wreak as much havoc as possible. His joy at pure chaos and destruction makes him the perfect "Muscle" of the group.

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