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Magic: The Gathering I was a special celebration for Magic: The Gathering held on Saturday, October 14, 1995 in New York City at the Macklowe-Millenium Broadway Hotel. This site also hosted two Homelands release events.[1][2][3]

Attractions[edit | edit source]

According to a WotC press release (October 30, 1995),[4] the event featured:

  • A passage, or portal, that allowed visitors to actually experience Dominia, the mystical world in which the popular trading card game is set. Visitors encountered many sights, sounds and textures along the path.
  • A 3-D visual environment called Virtual i-O that introduced visitors to some Homelands cards.
  • The opportunity to play Magic with the game's creator, Richard Garfield.
  • The appearance of Magic artists, Chris Rush, Pete Venters, Anson Maddocks, Sandra Everingham and Mark Tedin, who are among the top illustrators in the fantasy adventure industry. Also, renowned artist J. W. Frost made an appearance with one of his fantasy landscape paintings.
  • The preview of new and future Magic: The Gathering products by Wizards of the Coast's licensing partners, Acclaim Comics, MicroProse Software, and HarperCollins®.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Homelands promotion[edit | edit source]

  • Homelands promo - 3D video promotion introducing some new cards, produced by Ronnie Noize, who was the WotC Marketing Director at the time. The part of "Tim," the Prodigal Sorcerer, was played by T. Brian Wagner, who also voiced the narration.

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