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Magic: The Gathering Official Encyclopedia
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Author(s) Beth Moursund
First printing 1996 - 2002
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The Magic: The Gathering Official Encyclopedia is a series of seven books published by Thunder's Mouth Press between 1996 and 2002. There were 6 volumes in the series, plus a Complete Encylopedia which encompassed most of the material from those volumes. Each book featured pages of card images, collector and player information, and details of every set's impact on professional and popular gameplay at the time. The U.S. MSRP was $19.95 for Volumes 1–3, $22.95 for Volume 4, $23.95 for Volumes 5–6, the Complete Encyclopedia was $35.00

The volumes and their contents are:

  1. (1996): Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, The Dark, Fourth Edition, Fallen Empires, Homelands, Chronicles, Ice Age and Alliances.
  2. (1997): Mirage (including 6 playtest cards), Visions, Fifth Edition, Weatherlight, Portal and Arena League.
  3. (1998): Tempest, Stronghold, Vanguard, Portal Second Age, 1996 Pro Tour Decks and 1997 World Championship Decks.
  4. (1999): Urza's Saga, Urza's Legacy, Urza's Destiny, Sixth Edition, Starter 1999, Unglued, Portal Three Kingdoms and 1998 World Championship Decks'.
  5. (2000): Starter 2000, Nemesis, Mercadian Masques, Prophecy, 1999 World Championship Decks, Wizards of the Coast: From Basement to Belgium and Beyond - an article about the history of the company from 1990–1999, Artists Speak! - an article about Masques block artists rk post, Sam Wood, and Mark Zug.
  6. (2001): Seventh Edition, Invasion, Planeshift, Apocalypse and 2000 World Championship Decks.

The Complete Encylopedia (2002) does not contain all of the contents of Volumes 1-6: omissions include the Arena League section, World Championship Decks and the articles from Volume 5.

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