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Magic: The Gathering Toolbox was an app (application) for iOS Devices and Android published by Wizards of the Coast.[1] It was released it when Dark Ascension came out, and given an update for Avacyn Restored, but it was promptly dropped and pulled from the App Store after that.

Contents[ | ]

It included the following tools:

  • Life Trackers
  • Deck Builder
  • Magic Events listings
  • Player Manager
  • Card Search
  • Magic News
  • Content Updates
  • Store Locator

The language could be changed from English to Japanese, French, Korean, Spanish, German and Italian.

Life Tracker[ | ]

In the Life Tracker part of the app you could select from premade settings (Commander, tournament...) or configure your own settings in advanced mode. In customizing, you could add players from friends lists. You could also choose to track poison counters, deck size, number of times commander cast, storm count. On an iPad you could track up to eight players at once.

Deck Builder[ | ]

With Deck Builder you could search for cards to include, share the deck with friends, see stats about the deck and generate sample hands.

Magic Events Listing[ | ]

In the Magic Events Listings you could sort events by date or category. The listing can show events with the past 1, 6 or 12 months. The types of events shown are release events, premier or in-store events (like Friday Night Magic).

Player Manager[ | ]

The player manager stored information on players as a player profile whose life points were tracked using the Life Tracker.

Card Search[ | ]

The card search let you search for cards by typing in their names. There was also a filter for text via card name or card rules, format type, expansion set, card type, subtype, card color.

Magic News[ | ]

The Magic News section carried feature articles from You could also search for an article.

Content Updates[ | ]

Updated content for the app could be downloaded using this tool.

Store Locator[ | ]

This tool used the website. You could type in a place to search for stores or you can let the tool use your current location.

References[ | ]

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