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MagicCardMarket is a German website providing a platform for peer-to-peer sales of Magic cards and other trading card games and accessories. In it users provide information about how many and what cards they own in which quality, and for how much they want to sell them. Through a system of wishlists other members can see what people offer the cheapest prices for a selection of cards that they want. After ordering, those cards are sent via postal services to the buyer. Larger amounts of cards and/or more valuable cards may require insured mailing, thus increasing the costs of ordering cards through postal fees.

It is often used as the de facto price guide for Magic cards in Europe, though it does not limit participation to only Europeans. Larger physical Magic shops also sell cards through this platform and compete against individuals by offering a larger selection of cards, though at a more expensive price.

The website is accessible in many languages and via a large number of differing URLs for various countries.

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