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Intro packs

Magic 2010 has five intro packs. For the first time, intro packs in a core set are bicolored instead of the usual monocolored.[1][2]


We Are Legion[]

We Are Legion is a white and red intro pack.

“  The forces of order attack with righteous fury! Lightwielder Paladin leads your charge, flanked by Soldiers, Angels, Griffins, and Pegasus, while your spells power up your creatures and protect you from harm.  ”

The 2 rares in this deck are Lightwielder Paladin and Honor of the Pure.

Presence of Mind[]

Presence of Mind is a blue and black intro pack.

“  Call upon the rare, flying Djinn of Wishes to fulfill your desires. Then play head games with your opponent using spells that let you see into the future, control any opposing army, counter spells, and copy your opponent’s best creatures.  ”
Presence of Mind

The 2 rares in this deck are Djinn of Wishes and Clone.

Death's Minions[]

Death's Minions is a black and green intro pack.

“  Channel the power of Nightmare and command horrific abominations like Skeletons and Zombies that defy death. Keep up the assault with unnatural spells that attack your opponent’s mind and drain life from your opponent’s creatures.  ”

The 2 rares in this deck are Nightmare and Cemetery Reaper.


Firebomber is a red and blue intro pack.

“  Fiery forces of destruction and frenzied creatures are the strengths of this deck. Spells like Lightning Bolt, Fireball, and Earthquake shake your opponent up, allowing creatures like Shivan Dragon to launch a fatal attack.  ”

The 2 rares in this deck are Shivan Dragon and Earthquake.

Nature's Fury[]

Nature's Fury is a green and white intro pack.

“  Forest-dwelling humans and elves battle alongside savage creatures of nature, such as the rare Kalonian Behemoth, an enormous brute that can’t be targeted. Factor in spells designed to make creatures bigger and more overwhelming, and your opponent will see how truly devastating nature can be.  ”
Nature’s Fury

The 2 rares in this deck are Kalonian Behemoth and Might of Oaks.


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