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Intro packs

Magic 2011 has five bicolored intro packs.[1]


Blades of Victory[]

Blades of Victory is a white and black intro pack.

M11 intropack bladesofvictory.jpg
“  Command an army of knights and soldiers and slice through the opposition using this deck of righteous power. With angels at your side and Angelic Arbiter at the forefront of the battle, can victory be far behind?

The "Blades of Victory" deck puts you in command of a righteous army of Soldiers, Knights, and Angels. You need to attack early and often, so start the game with aggressive creatures like Elite Vanguard and White Knight. If your ground assault is stymied, try attacking with flying creatures like Cloud Crusader and Serra Angel. Try not to let games go too long, but if they do, Angelic Arbiter and Vengeful Archon are huge flying creatures that should put your opponents out of their misery.

Your creatures are most effective when they're attacking, and you have the tools you need to get them past most defenses. Mighty Leap and Armored Ascension both give a creature flying and a power bonus, and Inspired Charge makes all your creatures bigger to enable one huge attack. You can also clear your opponent's potential blockers out of the way with removal spells like Pacifism, Doom Blade, and Stabbing Pain. Do whatever it takes to keep attacking. Many other Magic 2011 cards can improve the "Blades of Victory" deck.

Stormfront Pegasus is a 2/1 flying creature for only {1}{W}. Squadron Hawk has one less power for the same cost, but it lets you search your library for three more copies of itself and put them into your hand! To help those small creatures, try Honor of the Pure, an enchantment that gives each white creature you control +1/+1. Finally, Sun Titan is a 6/6 creature for only six mana that has vigilance— and another ability. When Sun Titan enters the battlefield or attacks, you can return any card that costs three or less mana from your graveyard to the battlefield.

Blades of Victory

The rares in this deck are Angelic Arbiter and Vengeful Archon.

Power of Prophecy[]

Power of Prophecy is a blue and white intro pack.

M11 intropack powerofprophecy.jpg
“  Seize control of your opponents’ forces, manipulate the flow of battle, and leave your opposition confused and disoriented. Gain knowledge of the future and use Conundrum Sphinx to hasten your foretold dominance.

With the "Power of Prophecy" deck, you'll correctly predict your opponent's downfall! Your flying creatures give you superiority in the air; they're your best route to victory. Attack early with Augury Owl, Cloud Elemental, and Azure Drake, and follow up with bigger fliers like Air Servant and Conundrum Sphinx. Keep your opponents' ground attacks stymied with Maritime Guard and Wall of Frost, or stop them entirely with Stormtide Leviathan.

Use your spells to support your plan of winning in the air. Use Condemn and Pacifism to stop your opponents' threatening creatures or Mind Control to gain control of one. Sleep is especially good for your plan, tapping your opponent's creatures for a turn and letting you attack without impediment or fear of retribution. You can also stop an opponent's spell with Negate; try to use your Negates to protect your most important creatures from removal spells. Use Jace's Ingenuity and Foresee to find the cards you need to neutralize your opponent and ride your own air assault to victory.

Other Magic 2011 cards can strengthen the "Power of Prophecy" deck. Look for Mana Leak and Cancel, two "counterspells" that can team up with Negate to keep your opponent from doing anything. You can also mess with your opponent's spells with Redirect, which lets you choose new targets for an opponent's spell. Finally, Frost Titan is a six-mana 6/6 creature with an ability that freezes your opponent's most threatening resource. When Frost Titan enters the battlefield or attacks, it taps any permanent on the battlefield and keeps it tapped for a turn.

Power of Prophecy

The rates in this deck are Conundrum Sphinx and Stormtide Leviathan.

Reign of Vampirism[]

Reign of Vampirism is a black and green intro pack.

M11 intropack reignofvampirism.jpg
“  Unleash a horde of the undead! As your army of vampires descends upon your opponent, your Captivating Vampire will boost your odds of victory.

The "Reign of Vampirism" deck unleashes the night's fiercest undead predators on your opponents. The key card in your deck is Captivating Vampire, which lets you gain control of your opponent's creature if you have five Vampires to tap. Your first task is to find that card. If you don't draw it naturally, use your first Diabolic Tutor to find Captivating Vampire. Viscera Seer's ability can get you closer to one of those two cards—but try not sacrifice any of your Vampires to pay for it! Instead use Reassembling Skeleton, which can keep coming back to be sacrificed again and again.

The other piece of the puzzle is having four other Vampires so that you can start stealing your opponent's creatures. Avoid trading Vampires for other creatures in combat. Nature's Spiral and Rise from the Grave can give any of your creatures a second lease on life, but try to save them to bring back Vampire cards. Once you've assembled your team, it won't be long before your opponent's best threats are all Vampires on your side of the table.

You can use other Magic 2011 cards to improve your "Reign of Vampirism" deck. If you have trouble with opponents who play white, Black Knight's protection from white ability is exactly what you want. Nantuko Shade starts out as a 2/1 creature for two mana, but its size is limited only by how much black mana you have. Finally, Grave Titan is a 6/6 creature for six mana that creates two 2/2 black Zombie tokens when it enters the battlefield and every time it attacks. Few opponents can withstand both the Titan itself and the horde of Zombies it creates.

Reign of Vampirism

The rares in this deck are Royal Assassin and Captivating Vampire.

Breath of Fire[]

Breath of Fire is a red and blue intro pack.

M11 intropack breathoffire.jpg
“  Play with fire and burn your opponent with this deck packed with direct damage. Heat things up to a fever pitch with Ancient Hellkite, a big flier with one thing in mind: ending the game.

The "Breath of Fire" deck is all about dealing damage. Direct-damage spells like Lightning Bolt, Chandra's Outrage, Lava Axe, and Fireball form the backbone of your deck. You shouldn't be afraid to use Lightning Bolts on creatures early in the game, but always be aware of how close your opponent is to 0 life. Use your blue spells to keep the damage coming—Preordain and Foresee will find you more damage spells, and Call to Mind gives you another chance to use one that you've already cast.

Your creatures support your theme. Every time you deal damage to your opponent that's not combat damage, Chandra's Spitfire gets +3/+0. All your damage spells trigger that ability, as does Prodigal Pyromancer's ability. If you draw your Fire Servant, try to save your damage spells for after you cast it so that you get twice as much damage out of them. The best creature in your deck is Ancient Hellkite. Not only is it a 6/6 Dragon with flying, but while it's attacking, it can rain down as much damage on your opponent's creatures as you have red mana to spare.

Other cards from Magic 2011 can help you improve your "Breath of Fire" deck. Act of Treason is a sorcery that lets you gain control of one of your opponent's creatures for a turn and attack with it. If you're having trouble with swarms of little creatures, try Pyroclasm, a sorcery that deals 2 damage to every creature. Finally, Inferno Titan is a 6/6 creature for six mana that's a relentless source of damage. When it enters the battlefield or attacks, it deals 3 damage to anything, and you can even divide that 3 damage among multiple creatures and players.


The rares in this deck are Ancient Hellkite and Cyclops Gladiator.

Stampede of Beasts[]

Stampede of Beasts is a green and red intro pack.

M11 intropack stampedeofbeasts.jpg
“  Summon monstrous beasts, wurms, and hydras, and use them to stomp your opponent's forces like insects. Then cast Overwhelming Stampede to give your forces a lethal boost of power.

The "Stampede of Beasts" deck uses fearsome creatures to trample the opposition. Start the game off with Llanowar Elves and Sylvan Ranger. They'll help you get the mana you need to cast the large creatures that form the bulk of your offense. Garruk's Packleader, Spined Wurm, Yavimaya Wurm, and Duskdale Wurm all demand answers from your opponent. But none of these creatures is the largest creature in your deck: Protean Hydra's size is limited only by the mana you have when you cast it.

Your opponent will play creatures as well, but that's where your spells come in. Use your red spells only to get your opponent's creatures out of the way of your own. Making your own creatures bigger with Giant Growth or unblockable with Whispersilk Cloak will get them past your opponent's defense. Your best spell is Overwhelming Stampede. It gives each of your creatures +X/+X, where X is the greatest power among creatures you control, as well as trample, which lets your blocked creatures deal their extra damage to your opponent.

You can improve your "Stampede of Beasts" deck with other Magic 2011 cards. Cudgel Troll is a 4/3 creature for four mana, and thanks to its regeneration ability, it can't be destroyed if you have a green mana to spare. Mitotic Slime is a 4/4 creature that when it goes to the graveyard, you get two 2/2 Ooze tokens. And when each of those die, you get two 1/1 Ooze tokens! Finally, Primeval Titan is a 6/6 creature with trample for six mana that puts two lands from your library onto the battlefield when it enters the battlefield or attacks. If it doesn't finish the game, the Fireball or Protean Hydra that follows it up certainly will.


The rares in this deck are Overwhelming Stampede and Protean Hydra.


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