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Duels of the Planeswalkers
This article is about the game released in 2015. For other uses, see Duels of the Planeswalkers (disambiguation).

Magic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers, also known as Duels 2015 and D15 is a digital Magic game that came out in July 2014 on Xbox One, Xbox LIVE Arcade, iPad, PC via Steam, Android tablet via Amazon App Store and Google Play, but not for PlayStation 3.[1] This set previewed cards from paper Magic 2015. The lead designer was Nik Davidson.

M15 Xbox sampler

Magic 2015 Xbox sampler

M15 Platforms sampler

Magic 2015 sampler for other platforms

Storyline[ | ]

Players will find themselves dropped into the wilderness at the heart of the story: You're not just on Garruk’s list—you're next. The Curse of the Chain Veil has corrupted Garruk's body and soul. His skin has paled, his flesh struck through with blackened veins. His hunter's instinct has turned away from beasts of the wilderness toward the ultimate quarry — Planeswalkers! You will have to confront the deadliest hunter in the Multiverse. But, how will you defeat Garruk before he finds you?

Tutorial[ | ]

The campaign begins with an introductory cutscene. Players then learn the basics of playing Magic: The Gathering by facing off against the Crimson, Azure, Onyx, Jade, and Alabaster Mages.

Final Quest[ | ]

A horde of monsters threatens to overrun a local village! Armed with the new spells you’ve chosen, it's time to put your skills to the test. Put a stop to the onslaught!

Innistrad[ | ]

The vampire Sorin Markov has invited you to his home plane of Innistrad to investigate the murders of several Planeswalkers. Could Garruk be behind this?

Living Death[ | ]

You are confronted by a horrible sight: the mangled body of a Planeswalker. From the shadows, you hear mad giggling. The corpse began to twitch. The ghoulcaller Gisa emerged, happy to add another “recruit” to her army.

Cursed Existence[ | ]

Within a dank cave, a coven of chanting witches surrounded a skeletal body, glowing with arcane power. You take a tentative step forward, all eyes fall on you. “Accursed one,” the lich murmurs, “the killer of your kind hunts you.”

Feast of Flesh[ | ]

You come across another of Garruk’s victims. The strange garb identifies the corpse as a Planeswalker. Feral vampires have claimed the remains for their meal - and you are the second course.

Report to Avacyn[ | ]

The angel Avacyn congratulates you on your success. But the challenges to come will require more. If you can defeat her in a test of power, she will know you are up to the task.

Having tested you and found you worthy, Avacyn gives you a new clue as to Garruk's whereabouts: a coin he dropped. You recognize it is from the polis of Meletis on a world known as Theros. One of the city's oracles might be able to tell you more.

Explore Innistrad[ | ]

Flights of Fear[ | ]

Clues lead you to a haunted mansion, guarded by hostile but elusive ghosts.

Mad Science[ | ]

Your opponent’s crazed experimentation seems self-destructive. Is there some mad plan?

Undying Hordes![ | ]

Death is but a minor inconvenience to the enemy forces.

Spider Tangle[ | ]

Your steps have led you into a nest of poisonous spiders! Can you escape their webs?

Liliana Vess[ | ]

The necromancer Liliana Vess doesn’t appreciate intruders. Convince her that you are worthy of an interview.

Theros[ | ]

When you arrive on Theros, you learn the oracle you sought had been kidnapped by Tymaret, the Murder King, and carried into the wilds of Phoberos.

Hydra Attack[ | ]

As you move through the thick forest, inscrutable hissing comes from every direction. Suddenly, a monstrous creature lunges at you. Its many heads strike out, hungry for your flesh.

Minotaur Stampede[ | ]

With a dreadful bellow, a mob of brutal minotaurs charge!

Ocean’s Might[ | ]

The merfolk Planeswalker Kiora seeks the biggest monsters of the Multiverse's seas. She's found some lovely specimens on Theros. Won't you take a look?

Army of the Returned[ | ]

Tymaret commands a phalanx of the dead who refuse to stay in the Underworld. "Why should I allow you to stop such an efficient killer?" he demands. "If you seek the oracle, come and take her!"

Tymaret and his undead band are defeated! You escort the oracle back to Meletis, where she enters a vapor-induced trance. She mutters, "A lone mage looks out over an endless sea of buildings. The key to fulfilling your quest is within him." She gestures, and an inscribed shard of slate appears in her hand. "Seek this symbol and find the mage." Your next step becomes clear - to Ravnica!

Explore Theros[ | ]

Centaur Rage[ | ]

The tromp of hooves signals the approach of a centaur warband.

Perilous Seas[ | ]

Treacherous rocks that lay unseen. The haunting song of sirens. The spirits of the drowned. Can you survive such perils?

What’s in the Box?[ | ]

The mysterious treasure might contain anything.

Polis Invasion[ | ]

An army is attempting to break through the walls of Akros. Will you stand in defense of the city?

Planeswalker Ajani[ | ]

Ajani commands an army of proud leonin warriors. Prove that you deserve his allegiance.  

Ravnica[ | ]

The mysterious shard is linked to Jace, the Living Guildpact. His duties dealing with Ravnica’s guilds mean he could be anywhere. You must find the mind mage quickly. You may be close to finding Jace, but Garruk is close to finding you.

Search the City[ | ]

Searching the city for Jace leads you to districts controlled by each of the ten guilds. You examine cluestones and guildgates in search of answers, but you find only more questions. It feels as if the city itself stands opposed to your progress.

Orzhov’s Demand![ | ]

The Orzhov Syndicate collects its debts even after killing the debtor. Teysa Karlov, the guild's envoy, has big plans of her own and doesn't want you poking around. If you can defeat her goons, she'll give you some information in exchange for getting out of her hair.

Selesnya’s Power[ | ]

Teysa tells you that Jace has been seen with the healer Emmara Tandris of the Selesnya Conclave. When you arrive, though, the dryad Trostani refuses to let you intrude on the sacred grove. Wild creatures leap from the tree to stop you.

Jace’s Test[ | ]

Having passed Trostani's challenge, you are granted an audience with Emmara. She listens to your story and agrees to tell you where Jace can be found. When you meet the mind mage, he warns you that your quest will require exceptional mental toughness. Suddenly the two of you face each other across a fantastic landscape within your mind!

Jace gives you an enchanted trinket that points the way to the Onakke Catacomb on the drifting plane of Shandalar. Destroying the altar there should break Garruk's bond to the Chain Veil and allow you to suppress his curse. The following cutscene plays.

Explore Ravnica[ | ]

Rakdos Riot[ | ]

Commence the dark carnival!

Golgari Depths[ | ]

Everything, including clues, eventually ends up in Ravnica’s sewers. But you’ll have to deal with the native hazards.

Simic Strangeness[ | ]

The Simic Combine experiments constantly to create weird new creatures. The longer they stick around, the harder they’ll be to deal with.

Boros Fist[ | ]

You’re not going anywhere until you get past the Legion’s battle formations.

Chandra Nalaar[ | ]

The hot-tempered Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar has no patience for your interruptions. Calm her if you can.

Shandalar[ | ]

Jace has sent you here to locate the Onakke Catacomb, the location of the Chain Veil’s altar. You don’t know where it lies, though, so you begin to search for clues.

Storm the Castle[ | ]

You've discovered the location of an ancient map that can direct you to the tomb. But the castle protecting it is under siege. You join the besieging army, hoping to overcome the castle's defenses and secure the map

Sliver Hive[ | ]

The map is indecipherable. You continue to explore Shandalar, coming across a strange race of rapidly evolving creatures. Individually they pose little threat, but as they call more to the fight, they all grow more powerful.

Cruel Reflection[ | ]

Riku of Two Reflections, a master of mirror magic, challenges you to face yourself in combat. If you are victorious, he will tell you where to find the Onakke Caromb.

Onakke Guardians[ | ]

You arrive at the tomb, only to be confronted by the ancient spirit of a crazed Onakke shaman. Amid cackling laughter, he tells you that the prophecy is being fulfilled. The Worldslayer, a demon of great power, will cleanse Shandalar, and the Onakke will rise again!

You have a bad feeling you know who the Worldslayer is.

Having defeated the shaman, you smash the ancient altar. Within, you find a strange crystal orb, In its depths you see a vast swamp and the hulking form of the demon Ob Nixilis. Perhaps this object can help you track him down.

Explore Shandalar[ | ]

Beast Ambush[ | ]

Your blind wandering has led you into a nest of monsters!

Wizards’ Tower[ | ]

Get ready to test your wits, if you have any wits left at all.

Slimy Horror[ | ]

Squids and frogs and toads, oh my!

Assassin’s Blade[ | ]

A hidden assassin ambushes you. Fight for your life!

Blazing Wings[ | ]

As you explore, you enter a volcanic range that roars with erupting flame. Suddenly the roaring is upon you, as dragons strike.

Zendikar[ | ]

You must track down the demon Ob Nixilis and harvest the hedron from his brow. But the tumultuous landscape of Zendikar is as dangerous as its denizens.

Strength in Numbers[ | ]

Even as you hunt Garruk, you know he hunts you. But he is not the only danger you face. A band of Zendikari toughs blocks your way. They demand your treasure and won't give up without a fight!

Kor Canyons[ | ]

You showed the Zendikari that you are not easy prey, and they're willing to answer your inquiries. They point you toward a series of narrow canyons that will take you to Guul Draz, the lair of Ob Nixilis. But the canyons are home to the acrobatic Kor, who consider you an enemy.

Roiling Plane[ | ]

You defeated the hostile Kor, but your journey toward Guul Draz might be thwarted as the very lands of Zendikar rise against you!

Scorn of Ob Nixilis[ | ]

The demon Ob Nixilis was once a Planeswalker but has been imprisoned on Zendikar. As you enter his fortress of ultimate darkness, he appears before you with a low chuckle. "Well, well, another of Sorin's dupes. I doubt you'll fare better than the others."

After winning the round a cutscene will play.

Having defeated the demon, you pluck the hedron from his brow. Now you have the means to suppress Garruk’s curse.

Garruk[ | ]

Garruk has caught up to you at last. You have just one chance: defeat him, bind the hedron into him, and save yourself!

A finale cutscene will play after defeating Garruk. In a post-credit scene, Ob Nixilis is revealed to have survived.

Explore Zendikar[ | ]

All-Out Sprint[ | ]

As you explore Zendikar, you are continually harried by indigenous creatures and the land itself. Can you endure the onslaught?

Trap-Filled Lair[ | ]

The previous explorers didn’t make it past the fiendish devices that guard the way. Will you fare better?

Tangled Growth[ | ]

The trail leads you into dense foliage. Cut your way through!

Tomb of Terror[ | ]

Deep beneath the surface lies an ancient crypt infested with horrors. Do you dare to plunder its depths?

Nissa Revane[ | ]

The druidic Planeswalker Nissa Revane favors the elves and their forest magic. If you can defeat her, perhaps you can earn her respect.

Garruk's Revenge/Alara[ | ]

The first expansion for the game, Garruk's Revenge, puts Garruk's fate in your hands as you take on the plane of Alara.[2][3] Playing through four new campaign nodes and one exploration node, you take on the role of Garruk, using his deck to battle your way through even more challenging foes, as Garruk's deck improves with each victory. Earn cards from Alara to modify your decks later as you hunt your prey across the planes.

You are Garruk Wildspeaker, the Multiverse's greatest hunter. Use your powerful magic to turn the tables on those that would keep you from your prey. (You will use Garruk's deck for the Expansion the first time through, but can go back and replay the missions with any deck you choose).

The Hunt Begins[ | ]

The pounding in your head swells as you whirl around to see a mass of writhing spirits pressing in. They speak in a collective voice. "Garruk, the Veil-Cursed, you are to return with us to Innistrad, to the angel Avacyn. She wants to help you."

The hair on the back of your neck stands up. For an instant, the mist parts, and you make out a humanoid form.

Garruk duels Kento the Spiritcrafter.

You stand over the broken body of the spirit mage. You can smell the dankness of Innistrad on him. and other smells too. This one did not come alone, you realize. You are being hunted. This is the witch's work, you are certain. Blood drips off the edge. of your axe onto the mage's chest, and you feel the hunger again. Let the hunt begin.

Pick Up the Trail[ | ]

On the trail of your pursuers, you enter a blasted landscape. The stench of death is everywhere, but through it, you sense your quarry. Piles of bones litter the ground on your path until you come upon a grove of long-dead trees whose limbs scratch at the dark sky. Among the petrified roots, a kneeling man chants as he meticulously arranges some bones.

Garruk duels Boragor, Hermit of Xathrid.

The edge of your axe presses against the man's neck. He looks up at you with a pleading expression that you find pathetic and disgusting. "The others", you demand.

His ragged breath rattles as he struggles to suck in the air. "Esper - our captain's homeland. We were to meet there to share what we discovered." He raises a bloodied hand. "Please." You lift the steel from his throat, but before he can fill his lungs, you arc your axe over your head and bring it down. You kick aside the bones that the man had arranged in your likeness and head toward your remaining prey.

Mind of a Hunter[ | ]

You scan the open blue-silver expanse beneath a spire that rises into the sky, and your eyes settle on the silhouette of a soldier in full plate armor. Without another thought, you rush toward the figure.

The pounding in your head explodes in intensity, as though fire ants were eating at your mind. You try to ignore it, hurtling at your prey, but you crash to the ground's smooth surface. You shut your eyes, and images flash before you. The dark eyes of the angel who captured you. Liliana's sly smile.

You look up, and standing over you is the armored man whose eyes glow red. "More tricks," you growl.

Garruk duels Grinth, Mindbreaker.

The mage slumps to the ground, a heap of broken armor with your axe embedded in the shattered breastplate. You feel a heat in your blood, and the dark veins raise in your skin. Your head erupts with the agonizingly familiar noise, but this time accompanied by Liliana's hideous laughter. Your surroundings seem to scramble and dissolve.

The curse is consuming you, eating away everything but the insatiable hunger.

Predator and Prey[ | ]

"Garruk Wildspeaker." A low, metallic voice calls out behind you in little more than a whisper. "You must return to Innistrad with me. You are cursed."

"I am a hunter." You wrench your axe from the fallen enemy at your feet.

Garruk faces Captain Vronos.

The captain of your would-be captors clutches a deep wound, blood trickling from between his fingers. He is whispering, but you cannot make out the words. They don't matter. You raise your bloodied axe and swing, but your blade cuts only air. The masked artificer is gone.

"There is nowhere you can go that I will not find you."

Explore Alara[ | ]

Explore Jund[ | ]

The dragons of Jund are cunning. majestic, and deadly. There is much you could learn from their predator ferocity, but to do so will involve confronting these mighty creatures on their home turf.

Explore Grixis[ | ]

After the Shards collided, the noble knights and angels of Bant were forced to defend themselves against constant attack by Grixis zombies, Jund dragons, and other unfamiliar foes. Outsiders such as yourself can expect a cautious or even violent reception.

Explore Naya[ | ]

The wilds of Naya have become even more volatile, with the border regions between Naya and Jund being especially one to wildfires and other disasters. You have stumbled into such a disaster, and now must fight to escape!

The Maelstrom[ | ]

Where the Shards have collided, the powerful heart of Alara churns and spins, a maelstrom of raw creation and destruction. The very essence of a plane is here, but to know its power will require that you face off against foes whose nature is unlike any you have ever known.

Features[ | ]

  • Full, Open-Ended Deck Building: Players can build their collection of cards to create any style of deck they want.[4]
  • Single and Multiplayer: Battle the AI or your friends with your fully customized decks.

Promo Boosters[ | ]

With each copy of Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 a six-card promotional booster could be obtained by redeeming a unique code on the official Wizards Duels of the Planeswalkers site.[5][6][7]

  • Xbox 360 or Xbox One copies are an alternate art Soul of Ravnica
  • Copies from all of the other available platforms, including iPad, PC via Steam, Android tablet via the Amazon App Store, and Google Play are an alternate-art Soul of Zendikar

Card packs[ | ]

Several free Card Packs were added to the card pool of all players. These each contained three ten-card all-foil boosters.

  • Master of Monsters (February 11, 2015), 30 cards, black, red, and green.[8]
  • Riddles of Steel ( March 18, 2015), 30 cards, white, blue, and artifacts.[9]

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