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Magic Deck Vortex was a casual Magic: the Gathering website that was first established in August 2002 by John Streetz. Magic Deck Vortex (MDV for short) was always known for its extensive deck database and combo pages. MDV had regular article content starting in 2005.


Magic Deck Vortex was founded in August, 2002, by John and Jason Streetz. It started as just a Microsoft Excel™ database of 100 decks John Streetz had collected from a variety of sources (60 of which were actually put together as actual decks for casual play at the time).

Originally, Magic Deck Vortex brought people in by having a deck clinic, regular contests and a deck submission page. Since then, some of the things that helped to start the site were laid to rest (like the deck clinic), but other things were put in their place.

Magic Deck Vortex as a Magic site was expanding internally and externally ever since August 2002 through other means such as articles, its combo and deck database, and its linking network across the Internet. Magic Deck Vortex was at its height linked to on over 100 different websites around the Internet, including webrings and popular portals.

Magic Deck Vortex was taken down in 2014.