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Magic Game Day is a seasonal Magic: The Gathering tournament organized by the DCI.


The tournament is played in local game and hobby stores around the world, a month after each a new card set is released. Game Day events are Standard format tournaments, using only the newest cards the game has to offer. The events present one the first opportunities to discover how the new cards shape the Constructed metagame. All participants receive a promo card (while supplies last). From 2009 on, Top 8 finishers received an additional card.


The first Game Day was on July 14, 2007, in commemoration of the release of 10th Edition. All participants received a promo card (while supplies lasted), and starting in 2009, Top 8 finishers received an additional card. All cards except the first two are full-art cards. In addition, all top-8 cards are foil.

The last Game Day for a while was on August 6, 2017 for Hour of Devastation. After this, Game Day was renamed to Store Championship and moved to the end of a set's season.[1] However, Game Day was reinstalled for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.[2]

List of cards[]

Expansion Date Game Day Top 8 First Place
Tenth Edition July 14, 2007 Reya Dawnbringer (foil)[3]
Magic 2010 August 14–16, 2009 Naya Sojourners (foil) Mycoid Shepherd
Zendikar October 31, 2009 Nissa's Chosen Emeria Angel
Worldwake March 6–7, 2010 Hada Freeblade Kalastria Highborn
Rise of the Eldrazi May 22–23, 2010 Staggershock Deathless Angel
Magic 2011 August 14–15, 2010 Liliana's Specter Mitotic Slime
Scars of Mirrodin October 30–31, 2010 Memnite Tempered Steel
Mirrodin Besieged March 5–6, 2011 Treasure Mage Black Sun's Zenith
New Phyrexia June 11–12, 2011 Priest of Urabrask Myr Superion
Magic 2012 August 12–14, 2011 Stormblood Berserker Dungrove Elder
Innistrad October 29–30, 2011 Diregraf Ghoul Elite Inquisitor
Dark Ascension February 25–26, 2012 Strangleroot Geist Zombie Apocalypse
Avacyn Restored May 26–27, 2012 Latch Seeker Killing Wave
Magic 2013 August 4–5, 2012 Mwonvuli Beast Tracker Magmaquake
Return to Ravnica October 27–28, 2012 Dryad Militant Cryptborn Horror
Gatecrash February 23–24, 2013 Zameck Guildmage Firemane Avenger
Dragon's Maze May 25–26, 2013 Trostani's Summoner Melek, Izzet Paragon
Magic 2014 August 10–11, 2013 Hive Stirrings Goblin Diplomats
Theros October 19–20, 2013 Phalanx Leader Nighthowler
Born of the Gods March 1–2, 2014 Kiora's Follower Pain Seer
Journey into Nyx May 24–25, 2014 Squelching Leeches Dictate of Kruphix
Magic 2015 August 9–10, 2014 Reclamation Sage Chief Engineer
Khans of Tarkir October 18–19, 2014 Heir of the Wilds Utter End
Fate Reforged February 14–15, 2015 Mardu Shadowspear Supplant Form
Dragons of Tarkir April 18–19, 2015 Scaleguard Sentinels Thunderbreak Regent
Magic Origins August 8–9, 2015 Conclave Naturalists Languish
Battle for Zendikar October 24–25, 2015 Stasis Snare Radiant Flames
Oath of the Gatewatch February 13–14, 2016 Immolating Glare Jori En, Ruin Diver
Shadows over Innistrad April 30 - May 1, 2016 Incorrigible Youths Anguished Unmaking
Eldritch Moon August 13–14, 2016 Unsubstantiate Heron's Grace Champion
Kaladesh October 22–23, 2016 Essence Extraction Cultivator of Blades
Aether Revolt February 11–12, 2017 Trophy Mage Yahenni's Expertise
Amonkhet May 20–21, 2017 Trueheart Duelist Glorybringer
Hour of Devastation August 5–6, 2017 Abrade Adorned Pouncer
Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty March 5–6, 2022 Consider Fateful Absence Atsushi, The Blazing Sky