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Magic Librarities, previously called The Magic Library, is a website specialized in documenting Magic product information on a worldwide level.


The Magic Library consisted of two main sections, The Magic Rarities section and The Magic Card Sets section.

The Magic Rarities website was dedicated to be a comprehensive source for non-standard Magic cards and related collector's items. It was founded on the 3rd of November in 2000 by Bob Flaminio. Ralph Herold started to support the website a few weeks after its release and, eventually, became co-webmaster. He was a student of Law, and lived in Frankfurt, Germany. After a time of internal trouble and Bob's departure, the website was heavily revised and relaunched by herold on the 1st of August in 2003 was integrated into an overlying concept, The Magic Library website.

The Magic Card Sets website was initially created to be an internal database of information by Bob Flaminio and Herold in the middle of 2002. Due to its public demand, it became an official website and was handed over to Herold together with Magic Rarities. It was relaunched on the 14th of October 2004.

The website also hosted its own forum as well as non-card, Magic-related content.

The Magic Library is now offline. The Magic Librarities took over information from when the Magic Library website ceased.

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