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Prima's Official Strategy Guide
Prima's Official Strategy Guide - Magic: The Gathering Online
Prima's MTGO strategy guide.jpg
Publishing Information
Author(s) Mike Searle
First printing July 2, 2002
ISBN-13 978-0761539841
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The Prima's Official Strategy Guide - Magic: The Gathering Online is a strategy guide for the Magic Online game by Prima Games. It was written by Mike Searle, and published July 2, 2002.

Blurp[edit | edit source]

With tips and tactics to entice both beginners and pros, including a tour of Magic's new online digs, basic how-to hints, and in-depth strategies for all the main online formats, MAGIC: THE GATHERING ONLINE - PRIMA's OFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE is sure to appeal to fans of every background and experience level. Also included in this comprehensive guide are strategies for building a superior deck, deck-specific tactics, and detailed information on buying, selling, and trading cards.