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The Magic Online Community Cup was a yearly invitation-only tournament, held from 2009 to 2015, in which a group of Wizards of the Coast compete against a group of eight or twelve Magic players selected via a voting system in Magic Online. The tournament is held at the WOTC offices in Renton, Washington, but played by using the Magic Online software. The participants of the Community team are flown in. The tournament is held using a variety of differing and often strange formats such as Cube draft or Unified Ravnica Constructed (allowing all cards from both Ravnica block and Return to Ravnica block).

In lieu of physical prizes, each user account on Magic Online which was active during the Community Cup will be gifted a special promo card after the tournament concludes. Should the Community team win, the card will be a very sought after and powerful card. Should the Wizards team win, each active account will still be gifted a card but it will be a very low quality card such as Sorrow's Path or Darksteel Relic.

Community teams often consist of Pro players as well as content creators for Magic websites such as video streamers, podcast hosts and authors of strategy articles. The Community Cup is often considered to be the spiritual successor of the Magic Invitational.

In 2014, the Community Cup was extended to a third day in which the Community team was allowed to play a sealed deck tournament with Khans of Tarkir, a full week ahead of the prerelease for the set.

In 2016, the grand finale of the Community Cup was released as the Community Super League, produced by Vintage Super League showrunners Randy Buehler and Athena Huey. Several returning faces from the Community Cup made up the ten teams, playing ten weeks of weird and whacky formats.

Ironroot Chef[]

Ironroot Chef is a competition during the Community Cup, similar to popular television cooking shows.[1] The members of both teams have to design a standard legal deck based around one or more of five cards named by the flavor judges. The players then play three rounds with those decks and to gain points. However, the flavor judges will also give out additional points if the deck follows a certain theme or incorporates additional elements which work well with the chosen master "ingredient".

The flavor judges often are Graham Stark and James Turner of LoadingReadyRun and the Wizard from Walking the Planes.

Community Cup results[]

Year Community team Result Prize awarded
2009 Thomas Baird, Alex Ullman, Mike Linton, Walter Kolczynski, Pete Jahn, Sam McCarl, John Baichtal, Erik Friborg 398-341 for the Community Team
2010 Brad Nelson, Gavin Verhey, Victor Bloodgood, Joseph Hill, Marin Baraba, Callum Milne, Evan Erwin, Ed Grabianowski, Bill Stark
Joshua Claytor was unable to attend.
398-341 for the Community Team One Mirrodin block draft set
2011 Chris Kuehl, Joe Dillard, Michelle Roberson, George Efelis, Luis Scott-Vargas, Josef Kronbichler, Bing Luke, Marshall Sutcliffe, Graham Stark 243-147 for the Community Team Invitation to a special four round tournament with additional prizes (at least one Magic 2011 booster for participation)
2012 Jonathan Loucks, Jackie Lee, Neale Talbot, Jessie Smith, Conley Woods, Heath Newton, Walter Kolczynski, James Turner 268-228 for the Wizards Team Sorrow's Path
2013 Melissa DeTora, Reid Duke, Kenji Egashira, Matthew Watkins, Tom Delia, Jan van der Vegt, Michael Jacob, Keya Saleh 233-201 for the Community Team Sliver Queen and Rakdos Cackler
2014 Sean Plott, Tom Ross, Scott MacCallum, Björn Andreasson, Erin Campbell, Mariah Pagliocco, Frank Lepore, Paul Cheon. Dalibor Trnka was nominated but could not attend. 220-207 for the Community Team Survival of the Fittest
2015 Kenji Egashira, Joel Larsson, Meghan Wolff, Maria Bartholdi, Gabe Reale, Jimmy Wong, Adam Styborski and Anthony "Wedge" D'Aconto [2] 153-137 for the Community Team [3] One-each, premium and non-premium, of the John Avon Unhinged basic lands, plus a premium and non-premium version of Thalia, Guardian of Thraben [4]