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Magic Open House is a WPN-supported, event-filled day planned on the Saturday prior to each set's prerelease. Open House was introduced for the Amonkhet release.[1][2]

On Open House day, Players can stop by their local store for fun, casual play that includes learn-to-play Magic events, free Welcome Deck tutorials for new players, and a showcase of both the game and its social benefits in an open-play environment.[3] Players who participate in any aspect of the event receive a promo card, and the new players will receive a Welcome Deck. A casual League-style Standard tournament ends the day.

From Core Set 2020 onward, dedicated Magic Open House promo cards are replaced by a card from the Universal promo pack, distributed at the discretion of the stores.[4][5]

Promos[edit | edit source]

Expansion Notes
Amonkhet One of five full-art basic land
Hour of Devastation One of five full-art basic land
Ixalan Full-art Walk the Plank[6]
Rivals of Ixalan Full-art Silvergill Adept
Dominaria Full-art Llanowar Elves
Core Set 2019 Full-art Guttersnipe[7]
Guilds of Ravnica Full-art Boros Challenger[8]
Ravnica Allegiance Full-art Rakdos Firewheeler[9]
War of the Spark Full-art Liliana's Triumph[10]

References[edit | edit source]