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The Magic Weekend is a two-day seasonal Magic: The Gathering tournament / event organized by the DCI, that replaced the Store Championship (and the Game Day before that) starting with Guilds of Ravnica in 2018.[1] The event takes place in WPN-associated local game and hobby stores around the world.

The Magic Weekend is marketed as a social "innovation" event: a space for Wizards of the Coast to experiment, once per season, with new ideas, formats, and prizes. This means that the features will be new each time. The first Magic Weekend was held on November 9–11, 2018.

From Core Set 2020 onward, dedicated Magic Weekend cards are replaced by a card from the WPN promo pack, distributed at the discretion of the stores.[2]

List of cards[]

Event Date Format Promo Other prizes
Ravnica Weekend: Guilds of Ravnica November 9–11, 2018
Ravnica Weekend: Ravnica Allegiance February 16–17, 2019 Foil full-art Lavinia, Azorius Renegade[5]
Planeswalker Weekend: War of the Spark May 25–26, 2019
  • Draft or Sealed (decided by the LGS).
Alternate art Karn's Bastion and full-art Time Wipe[6]
  • Playmat
  • Planeswalker stickers.
Commander Weekend:
Core Set 2020 and Commander 2019
August 24–25, 2019 Any card from the M20 Universal promo pack
At store's discretion.
Brawl Weekend: Throne of Eldraine [7][8] October 26–26, 2019 Any card from the ELD promo pack.
Pioneer Weekend: Theros Beyond Death February 22–23, 2020 Any card from the THB promo pack.

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