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Through the years, several non-game related products have been officially released with a Magic theme, commercially exploiting the popularity of the brand.

Apparel (clothing)[]

ASL Apparel was one of the earliest companies to license Magic images for use on shirts and caps. The first T-shirts (Armageddon Clock, Vesuvan Doppelganger and Nightmare) were printed in 1994, and more appeared in 1995.[1][2] The first official shirts released by Wizards of the Coast were made available by ASL Apparel in conjunction with the release of Tempest in 1997.[3][4] A new line was made available by at the time of the Scars of Mirrodin block.[5] In 2012, Mighty Fine took over with a line that included Planeswalkers and loyalty symbols.[6][7] A wide range of Magic T-shirts have been produced.[8]

In 2009 Wizards of the Coast partnered with RYZ to see Magic themed artwork on shirts, hats and even shoes.[9][10][11]

In 2012, Red Monkey made several Magic-themed, hand-built leather accessories. Inspired by the rugged, lived-in character of vintage western wear and classic American motorcycle leathers, these were designed to break-in and get better with age.[6]

In 2018, Wizards of the Coast launched an official Magic merchandise range with Zavvi in Europe.[12]

In 2019, Wild Bangarang, a UK shop for geek and gamer apparel released a line of Magic inspired clothing, including painted yoga pants and dresses.[13]

In 2020, Brain Dead, a group of fashion designers with a love for Magic, announced their debut collaboration. Brain Dead is a creative collective of artists and designers from around the world. With its disruptive, graphic-led approach, the brand takes its cues from post-punk, underground comics, skateboarding, and the spirit of subculture as a whole. The Magic collection includes tees, long sleeves, hats, a line of tote bags as well as a custom suit.[14]

Art, posters, and prints[]

In 1993, just after the Beta release, a photographic quality set of posters titled "The Magic Card Catalog" was sold by a small group called the Charity Fellowship based in New York. WotC gave permission to the set, making it very likely the first licensed Magic product. Shortly thereafter, though, permission was retracted, probably due to the potential for the posters to be used in counterfeiting.

In some instances, posters with art related to certain sets were released (e.g. (Urza's Saga, Champions of Kamigawa).[15]

In 2005, collectors and connoisseurs of fantasy art were be able to buy full-size, high-quality Magic art as part of the Limited Edition Collection (a.o. Shivan Dragon, Viridian Shaman).[16] Both the canvas and print pieces were hand-signed and hand-numbered by the individual artists.

Bags and backpacks[]

Beverage containers[]

Several promotional tumbler cups were released during the early years of Magic:

In more recent times, Zazzle let you create a variety of branded products with images supplied by Wizards of the Coast.[6]


In 2020, Hot Topic sold a 45" x 60" polyester throw blanket. "Gathering with your friends to play Magic: The Gathering? Stay warm with this super soft and cuddly throw blanket. Features a design inspired by the back face of a card with the color wheel." In 2021, Gabby Store released MTG Sherpa blankets with several different card faces.


Several calendars have been produced, featuring art from the sets. The first came out in the fall of 1994.[1] For 1997, two calendars were created by Workman Publishing.[17] The first was a hanging calendar in which a different artist re-interpreted a classic Magic character each month. John Bolton illustrated Baron Sengir, the Serra Angel was envisioned by Rebecca Guay and the Hurloon Minotaur was reexamined by Anson Maddocks. The second was a page-a-day calendar with each day providing a full color piece of Magic art, complete with strategy tips, card backgrounds, snippets about Dominia, comments from artists and Magic trivia.[18] Workman Publishing also published a calendar with alternate art for 1998.


In January 1999 Wizards of the Coast and Simitar Entertainment, Inc. offered Chroma-Cells that brought the sharp, vivid colors of animation cells to the world of Magic. These limited-edition cells came matted with a collector seal and fit in an 8 by 10-inch frame. Each cell was printed in 5000 copies. They retailed for $14.98. Featured were Black Lotus, Avenging Angel, Rathi Dragon and Hammer of Bogardan.


Several Clocks featuring Magic art were released:

Collector coins[]

Magic: the Gathering Collector Coins is a series of collectible silver Niue dollar coins produced by Wizards of the Coast in collaboration with New Zealand Mint. Each coin is a one-ounce 0.999 silver coin featuring iconic Magic art.[19] The back features the Niue Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II. Each coin will be packaged in a display case and will come with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.[20]

Figurines and action figures[]

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Food and drinks[]

In 2009 Magic-themed drinks were made by Jones Soda, featuring the Lorwyn 5 planeswalkers. A twelve-pack Magical Jones Soda contained two bottles of Elixir of Purity (Cream Soda), Necromancer's Tonic (Root Beer), Beast Brew (Green Apple), and three bottles of Illusion Infusion (Blue Bubblegum), and Purifying Fire (Fruit Punch).[22]

The twelve-pack contains two bottles of Elixir of Purity (Cream Soda), Necromancer's Tonic (Root Beer), Beast Brew (Green Apple), and three bottles of Illusion Infusion (Blue Bubblegum), and Purifying Fire (Fruit Punch). Exciting! And also tasty!


Fling Promotions produced pop-up frisbees and pouches, as a Time Spiral promotional item.

iPhone cases[]

The firm Incipio, an innovative mobile accessory maker, made a number of iPhone cases for Magic.[6]


In 2007 five extremely rare pieces of jewelry were produced to resemble the iconic Moxen, the Magic: The Gathering The Jewels Series Mox Necklace Set. Each piece comes in a display box that has the corresponding Mox's art printed on the front.[23]

in 2022, RockLove Jewelry released a series of Magic products licensed by Wizards of the Coast in precious metals. These included: a silver Black Lotus miniature card, a Black Lotus signet ring, Black Lotus crystal necklace, crystal ring and crystal earrings. Also featured were a Mox Diamond necklace, Sensei's Divining Top necklace, Mana Vault necklace, Black Vise necklace and necklace and rings with the color wheel.[24]

Jigsaw puzzles[]

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Magic themed magnets were released by Wizards of the Coast in 1997, 2001-2002 and 2005.[25]

  • WOTC Customer Service Help Line 199?
  • MTG 1997 World Championships ESPN2 1997
  • Junior Super Series special Magic-themed sets of words that could be used with Magnetic Poetry.2001-02
  • Guilds of Ravnica Magnets 2005 (4 different)
  • Guildpact Magnets 2006 (3 different)
  • Dissension Magnets 2006 (3 different)


Main article: mousepad

Phone cards[]

During 2002, Wizards and MCI released a few phone cards bearing Magic artwork. The cards were available primarily at premier stores, and had came 30-, 60-, and 100-minute increments.[26]


Main article: playmat


In 2020, Kidrobot sold "Phunny" plushes of Ajani, Chandra, Bolas and Garruk.

Poker decks[]

Main article: poker deck


Magic: The Gathering Postcard Set: Masterworks of Magic Art: Postcards. Released on December 6, 2022 by Clarkson Potter for $22.00. "This ultimate collector’s set is a must-have for players around the world, with 100 postcards each featuring a unique piece of iconic art from the foundational trading card game that started it all, Magic: The Gathering."[27]

"As a celebration of the vast and influential history of Magic: The Gathering, this collection of 100 postcards features one hundred unique illustrations instantly recognizable by fans. To help commemorate the world’s first and most expansive trading card game, almost thirty years in the making, this set of postcards captures beloved images — old and new — and adds inspiration and flare to any player’s collection."


2020 saw the release of limited-edition glow-in-the dark K-Swiss Jace sneakers.[28][29]

Snowboards and skateboards[]

Magic Snowboards featuring artwork were used by K2 and Ride Snowboard Pro Team members and were available at retail in Summer 2003.[30]


In 2020, SuperGroupies announced a 12-item lineup featuring exclusive watches and bags inspired by Planeswalkers and the 5 colors of mana.[31] All items were designed with style and practicality in mind as pragmatic accessories for real life and actual gameplay.[]

By October 2012, Wizards of the Coast exploited their own merchandise on These included T-shirts with guild symbols,[32] caps,[33] hoodies,[34] key-chains,[35] pins [36] IPhone-cases and Fblthp Plushes.

The site went off-line in July 2016.



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