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Modern Horizons 2 is a Magic booster set which will release on June 18, 2021. Like the first Modern Horizons, this straight-to-Modern set will be print-to-demand, and introduces new cards into Modern and other eternal formats without them ever being legal in Standard. It features a host of powerful new toolbox cards, strong themes to try out, and several throwbacks.

All five enemy colored fetch lands appear at rare in the set and can be found in regular Draft Boosters. The Set - and Collector Boosters include extended art versions and retro (pre-Modern) card frame treatments for the fetch lands and many other cards. Another frame treatment is seen on "sketch cards". These feature the artist's sketch of the main card artwork. Instead of flavor text, there cards feature from the art description that was sent to the artists when creating each card's artwork.

Modern Horizons 2 is also released on Magic Online, but not on MTG Arena.

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