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Race Siren
Birthplace Ixalan
Lifetime Mending Era

Malcom is a siren and a lifelong member of the Brazen Coalition of pirates on Ixalan.[1]


As a siren, Malcom is naturally gifted in the art of navigation, and he supplements his natural gifts with celestialism, divination magic that derives information from the stars with the aid of charts, compasses, and astrolabes.[2][3][4][5] Malcolm is rarely seen away from his best friend, the irrepressible (and unquietable) goblin pirate Breeches.


Malcolm was hired by Captain Vraska to serve aboard the pirate ship Belligerent in search of the Immortal Sun, not knowing that she was a planeswalker planning to take it on behalf of Nicol Bolas. When the amnesiac Jace joined the Belligerent's crew, Malcolm informed him of their objective and the reason that the artifact was so coveted. When the River Heralds wrecked their boat, Vraska and Jace instructed Malcolm to fly up and watch for their signal so that the rest of the crew could come inland safely.

Rivals of Ixalan[]

Malcolm and the rest of the pirate crew accompanied Vraska and Jace to the city of Orazca. Malcolm used his song to paralyze Huatli, Tishana, Vona, and Mavren Fein when they were fighting over the Immortal Sun, allowing Breeches time to attack Vona and keep the vampire from killing Huatli. After the Sun was conveyed away with the Planar Bridge, Jace entrusted Malcolm with the repaired Belligerent as its new captain before planeswalking away.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Talented Captain Vraska Alison Luhrs 2017-09-20 Ixalan Ravnica, Meditation Plane, Ixalan Vraska, Nicol Bolas, Malcolm, Amelia, Edgar, Gavven, Jace Beleren
Something Else Entirely Alison Luhrs 2017-10-04 Ixalan Ixalan Jace Beleren, Amelia, Gavven, Breeches, Vraska, Malcolm
The Race, Part 1 Alison Luhrs 2017-10-11 Ixalan Ixalan Legion of Dusk, Mavren Fein, Vona of Iedo, Huatli, Tishana, Jace Beleren, Vraska, Malcolm, Breeches
The Race, Part 2 Alison Luhrs 2017-10-18 Ixalan Ixalan Vraska, Jace Beleren, Malcolm, Breeches, Huatli, Tishana, Vona of Iedo, Angrath
The Arbiter of Law Left Chaos in His Wake Alison Luhrs 2018-01-24 Rivals of Ixalan Ixalan Huatli, Angrath, Vona of Iedo, Kumena, Tishana, Jace Beleren, Vraska, Azor, Malcolm, Breeches
Wool Over the Eyes Alison Luhrs 2018-02-14 Rivals of Ixalan Kaladesh, Angrath's homeplane, Meditation Plane, Ixalan, Dominaria Huatli, Saheeli Rai, Angrath, Vraska, Nicol Bolas, Jace Beleren, Malcolm, Breeches, Gideon Jura, Jaya Ballard, Apatzec

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