Mana is the resource in the Magic: The Gathering's game, used in order to cast spells and activate abilities. Mana is most usually acquired by tapping lands.

Although tapping lands is most common there are some creatures and artifacts that produce mana also. Each player has a mana pool which they can draw mana from.

  • White, the color of order, healing, justice, and light but also authoritarianism, subjugation and bureaucracy. It's produced by plains.
  • Blue, the color of knowledge, reason, and trickery, the elemental power is  water. It's produced by islands.
  • Black, the color of death, darkness, despair, selfishness, and amorality, but also individuality and ambition. It's produced by swamps.
  • Red, the color of chaos, destruction, war, and fury, as well as lightning and fire. It is the color of love and emotion, as well as freedom and warmth. It's produced by mountains.
  • Green, the color of life, nature, growth, instinct, and interdependence. It's produced by forests.

Hybrid mana

The hybrid mana symbol can be of any combination of two colors, or any color of mana and two generic mana.

Phyrexian mana

A phyrexian mana symbol can be paid with one mana of its color or by paying 2 life.

Converted mana cost

The converted mana cost (abbreviated as CMC) of a card is an integer figure. It is determined by converted each colored mana symbols in the cards cost. Each of the common mana symbols Mana WMana UMana BMana RMana G convert to 1 each. The Hybrid Mana symbols (Mana 2WMana 2UMana 2BMana 2RMana 2G) convert to 2. This converted cost is then added to the colorless mana cost of the card (if there is one).

For example, a card with a mana cost of Mana 1Mana W and Mana WMana W both have a converted mana cost of 2.

A card with a Mana X symbol as a part of its mana cost can vary the converted mana cost while the card is on the stack, by allowing the CMC to be increased by the amount of mana chosen for the variable Mana X cost. In other game zones, Mana X is treated as Mana 0.

Game Flavor

Mana is a metaphysical form of energy that is expended when a mage or wizard uses magic. It flows throughout the multiverse from plane to plane. Its ultimate source is unknown. Mana dwells within all things, however, the mana dwelling with most beings in miniscule, so spellcasters have been known to siphon mana from the land around them. In areas whose mana has been almost completely siphoned off, magic becomes weaker and living being begin to die. In areas where it has been completely siphoned off, all living beings die instantly upon entering. Fortunately, unless that area has become severed from mana, time will replenish the mana naturally. If an area HAS been severed from mana, the damage must be undone quickly, lest a rift form.

Colors of Mana
White Mana W Blue Mana U Black Mana B Red Mana R Green Mana G
Allied Azorius Mana WMana U Dimir Mana UMana B Rakdos Mana BMana R Gruul Mana RMana G Selesnya Mana GMana W
Enemy Orzhov Mana WMana B Izzet Mana UMana R Golgari Mana BMana G Boros Mana RMana W Simic Mana GMana U
Shards Bant Mana GMana WMana U Esper Mana WMana UMana B Grixis Mana UMana BMana R Jund Mana BMana RMana G Naya Mana RMana GMana W
Wedges Abzan Mana WMana BMana G Jeskai Mana UMana RMana W Sultai Mana BMana GMana U Mardu Mana RMana WMana B Temur Mana GMana UMana R
Other: Colorless Mana C Generic Mana XMana 1Mana 2Mana 3 Snow Mana S WUBRG Mana WMana UMana BMana RMana G
Hybrid ManaPhyrexian Mana Mana WPMana UPMana BPMana RPMana GP
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