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The mana value (also known as converted mana cost [CMC] from Sixth Edition to Kaldheim, and casting cost in sets prior to Sixth Edition) of an object is an integer greater than or equal to zero. It's a number that determines the quantity of mana in a mana cost.

Rules[edit | edit source]

From the glossary of the Comprehensive Rules (February 5, 2021—Kaldheim)

Converted Mana Cost
The total amount of mana in a mana cost, regardless of color. See rule 202.3.

It is determined by converting each colored mana symbol in the spell's mana cost to 1 (unless it is one of the hybrid mana symbols {2/W}{2/U}{2/B}{2/R}{2/G}, each of which has a value of 2), then adding the results to the generic mana cost of the spell. (For example, spells with mana costs of {2}{G} and {1}{G}{G} both have a Mana Value of 3.)

The only case in which a spell's converted mana cost can ever vary is for spells with {X} in the mana cost. When an object with X in the mana cost is on the stack, X equals whatever value was chosen for it when it was put on the stack. In any other location, X equals 0.

Odd or even mana cost[edit | edit source]

Some cards care about if the converted mana cost is odd or even.

^* Features the reminder text: zero is even.

Cost matters[edit | edit source]

Scryfall search: oracle:"converted mana cost"

"Cost matters" was a theme in Scourge that encouraged players to use spells with high converted mana costs. In addition to providing numerous creatures and other spells with converted mana cost 6 or greater, several cards were printed that enhanced or facilitated them.