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Race Planeswalker
Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Unknown

Manatarqua was a young and inexperienced planeswalker. She was one of the planeswalkers encountered by Urza, and took a part in a congregation on Gastal. In fear of being an easy target for predatory planeswalkers, Manatarqua hid herself in the form of a small, fanciful, and entirely illusory pavilion. Xantcha learned from Varrastu, a blind dwarf and Manatarqua's spellsquire, that she and Manatarqua had crossed swords with Phyrexia.

When Urza decided to leave them, some force (probably another planeswalker) attacked the group, sending a sun-hot fireball onto the pavilion. Manatarqua died consumed by the blast. Other planeswalkers most likely managed to escape.

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