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Race originally Elf, then elemental/fae avatar
Birthplace Lorwyn–Shadowmoor
Lifetime Unknown
Lorwyn, Morningtide, Shadowmoor, Eventide

Maralen was a Mornsong elf from the plane of Lorwyn. As opposed to the ram-like horns of the Gilt-Leaf, her horns were sleeker and sharper, like an antelope's. She was a handmaiden to the Perfect Peradala, who was about to be married to Eidren of Lys Alana of the Gilt-Leaf. However, Peradala's wedding convoy was attacked by killer vines, and everybody but Maralen was killed. Maralen herself was caught alive and questioned. Her further fate was unclear and unknown.


A woman who claimed to be Maralen of the Mornsong tribe was present in the middle of woods sometime later, when the Gilt-Leaf hunter Rhys used his poison magic in the darkest hour of a battle gone terribly wrong, killing everything in proximity and defiling a large portion of the wood. Despite her elvish appearance, this "Maralen" has something alien in her, as Rhys and other characters noted. The same observation was later made by the Vendilion clique who tried to steal her dreamstuff or the flamekin Ashling when she tried to heal her. Maralen even survived personal contact with Oona, queen of the fae, when the Vendilion clique, frustrated by their unsuccessful attempts to reach her, took her directly to their queen. Moreover, the fae seemed far more cooperative with her from that point on, which was distinctly curious.

Soon enough, the truth came out, when it was discovered that she was an avatar of Oona that somehow gained self-awareness, and didn't follow her orders nor desires to become part of Oona again. She manipulated the Vendilions into helping her interfere with Ashling's ritual to gain knowledge and power, which enabled her to retain her memories and appearance after the Great Aurora.

In Shadowmoor, she helped Mistmeadow, and Jack for her own purposes, and through the Vendilion clique's help she obtained Rosheen's journal. Maralen was later revealed to all to be a twin of Oona that Oona created to avoid being corrupted by the early Great Aurora. She defied Oona, and by using Rosheen's journal, she was able to disrupt Oona's attempt to take Ashling the Destroyer's elemental power, gaining the power for herself instead. Later, she took the Crescent of Morningtide from Brigid Baeli, and challenged Oona to face her in a direct fight.

By the combined powers of two elementals (Ashling's and the Source of Wanderbrine (via the Crescent)), the help of Rhys, a diminished Ashling, and a single bloom of moonglove coming from the very moment when the original Maralen died, Oona was destroyed and wiped from the face of Lorwyn. "Maralen" became the new Queen of the Fae, determined to restore the normal daily day/night cycle, instead of the Oona-directed previous centennial periods of nightless Lorwyn and dayless Shadowmoor. She gave the moonglove to Rhys and instructed him to poison her upon the first notice of the daily cycle becoming like before.

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