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Race Human
Birthplace Keld, Dominaria
Lifetime ~4175-4204 AR
Rath and Storm, The Art of Magic: The Gathering - The Rath Cycle

Maraxus was a human warrior from Keld, Dominaria.


Maraxus of Keld was the result of the Keldon ideals to create a perfect warlord, capable of controlling the rage of others. Maraxus exemplified the Keldon ideals, and indeed defined this archetype. He was a giant among his people, no small feat, and could control a warhost larger than any before or since. He was Keldon perfection made flesh. That perfection made him more than just powerful though, it made him uncontrollable. He left the Witch Kings of Keld for their inability to handle him while he was still a young man.

He came to command the Sawtooth Ogres, reputedly the most bloodthirsty of their kind, and led them in terrorizing entire regions. When he captured Starke il-Vec when sacking a mountain estate he was hired by Volrath to oppose Gerrard Capashen. Starke killed him before he could reveal his duplicity, and with the Keldon's death, ensured his place on the Weatherlight.

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