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Marcus Terrell Smith is a worldbuilder and storyteller with an imagination that has compelled him to explore many genres and formats.

He has written two Broadway-style musicals that he is both directing and producing entitled Accidental Joy: A New Musical and Good Dog: A New Musical as well as several TV pilots, including the epic fantasy series SIGHT, a retro-afro-futuristic adventure. Smith has also performed in The Book of Mormon, several off-Broadway productions, and had parts in TV and film for shows such as NCIS: Los Angeles, Marlon, Brooklyn 99, Grey's Anatomy, Netflix's Little Evil, and many others.

All the while, Marcus Terrell Smith has continued to write. In 2013 he finished the first novel in the Cry The Fables Books Series, and the children's book Two Lovely Cadderpillars in 2020. He contributed to the Magic Story for Strixhaven: School of Mages.[1]


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