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Marhault Elsdragon
Race Human/Elf
Birthplace Empire of Madara, Dominaria
Lifetime Birth unknown, Died ~4150 AR
Assassin's Blade, Emperor's Fist

Marhault Elsdragon was the half-elven general of the kentsu during the time of Lady Caleria's uprising against the Empire of Madara on Dominaria.[1] Elsdragon was a powerful warrior and strategist who possessed various kinds of battle magic. He was loyal to Emperor Nicol Bolas in every way, and gladly followed any order that he received from the dragon.

Elsdragon was slain by Jorgan Hage under the command of Ramses Overdark, who then assumed control of the kentsu.

It was said of Elsdragon that he followed a strict philosophy, never letting emotions cloud his thoughts. And that "No chance observer could imagine the rage in his heart."[2] An obscure text from uncertain provenance says the following about him: A legendary elven warrior whose travels were well-known in ancient times, Elsdragon was changed forever when his ship was burned. Although restrained and civil in normal times, he is a ferocious fighter that embodies chaos in times of war.[3]

In-game references[]

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