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Race nacatl leonin
Birthplace Naya, Alara
Lifetime Before the Conflux
Alara Unbroken

Marisi was a revolutionary Nacatl from Naya, a shard of Alara.[1][2][3]


Marisi called upon his fellow leonin to revolt against the Empire of the Clouds and the strictures of the Coil. A great civil war broke out. The white wall that housed the Coil was broken, and the race split in two. The prides who followed Marisi's beliefs, calling themselves the Wild Nacatl, broke free from that structured civilization and celebrated their animal natures, marching down out of the cloudy mountain peaks and into the jungle once more.

The division between the Wild Nacatl and the so-called Cloud Nacatl persists to this day, which creates friction and fierce battles between prides. Marisi is believed to be long dead, but Wild Nacatl prides still celebrate his contribution to the race with a yearly festival.

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