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Mark Poole
Mark Poole
General Information
Status Inactive: Alpha to Morningtide
Style Japanese themes, balanced palettes
Education/ Training University of South Carolina
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artist:"Mark Poole"

Mark Poole is one of the original twenty-five Magic: The Gathering artists.


Mark's work is often hard to pick out due to a variance in style, but he typically features balanced palettes and often incorporates Japanese themes and elements. His works however grace numerous iconic cards such as Ancestral Recall, Balance, Counterspell and several of the original dual lands making players very familiar with his early works. There is a definitive improvement and refinement of technique shown on Mark's works over the course of his Magic career. Outside of Magic, he has worked extensively with Sony Online Entertainment, Dragon Storm, and Valley Games. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of South Carolina in 1987.[1]

He was one of several retro-artists brought back during Time Spiral to recapture the early feel of the game. He updated many of his iconic works and continued to provide original art through Morningtide. He currently resides in Lexington, South Carolina[1] and is an avid bass player with the band Albion.[2]

Artist Series[]

In 2021, Poole's work was highlighted in the All-Natural, Totally Refreshing Superdrop Artist Series: Mark Poole.



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