Mark Zug

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Mark Zug
General Information
Born 1959
Status Active: Exodus to Theros Beyond Death
Style Oil painting, sketches
Scryfall Search
artist:"Mark Zug"

Mark Zug is an American artist and illustrator who has illustrated many collectible card games, including Magic: The Gathering and Dune, as well as books and magazines.

Description[edit | edit source]

Zug who is known for his work with the Septimus Heap series and Harlan Ellison's adaption of I, Robot. His works have appeared on the covers of novels by famous authors like Tanith Lee, the Dragonlance series, Star Wars comics, the magazines Popular Science, Dragon, Dungeon, Duelist, InQuest, Star Wars Gamer, Amazing Stories, and graced many fantasy game products and brands like Shadowrun and Battletech.

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