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In Magic: The Gathering, a marker is an object used to represent anything which isn't represented by a card.

The most common markers are tokens, emblems, and counters. Tokens and emblems are usually represented on the back side of marketing cards found in Magic boosters, while counters are often represented by marbles or dice.

Player counters[edit | edit source]

When counter are placed on a player instead of an object it is often helpful to have a marker card to place these counter on.

Designations[edit | edit source]

Some designations are described "to act as marker".

Some designations are not described as a marker by the rules.

Zone markers[edit | edit source]

Some marker cards were printed to highlight a placement of a card in a zone or other game area.

Turn markers[edit | edit source]

The Grand Melee variant places great emphasis on turn markers.

From the glossary of the Comprehensive Rules (February 5, 2021—Kaldheim)

Turn Markers
Markers used to keep track of which players are taking turns in a Grand Melee game. See rule 807.4.