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Edgar Markov
Founded on Innistrad
Active Before and after the Mending
Status Active, but diminished
Notable members Edgar Markov, Sorin Markov, Timothar Markov, Vaast Markov, Kristoff Laurent
Races Vampires
Associated Colors

Markov is the most prestigious, and possibly the most widespread, vampire bloodline on Innistrad. Markov elders seem to have a talent for psychic magic.

Edgar and Sorin[ | ]

Edgar Markov is the founder of the Markov bloodline and the very first vampire of Innistrad. Thousands of years ago he was an aging human alchemist, experimenting with ways to achieve agelessness for himself and his only grandson, Sorin. When the famine was sweeping the land, the demon Shilgengar convinced Edgar to start experiments with blood. Markov and his sons trapped the angel Marycz in his laboratory and exsanguinated her, preparing a decoction from her blood and creating a ritual that caused his subjects to feed on the blood of other beings.[1] It provided sustenance to those few, but the demand for blood also culled the overall population, reducing the number of hungry mouths to feed. However, when he finally turned his grandson into a vampire, the trauma of the transformation caused Sorin's planeswalker spark to ignite. Sorin soon left the plane and his grandfather.

Markov Manor[ | ]

Markov Manor was a hilltop estate above one of the inland valleys of Stensia, close to Gavony. This most prominent holding of the Markov's overlooked Kruin Pass and the human communities of Silbern and Wollebank. Thraben was visible in the far distance from its balconies.

The Manor was destroyed by Nahiri's lithomancy, its vampiric residents etched into the walls in a state of perpetual agony.[2] Edgar was thought to have possibly died in this attack[3], but he is present during the Crimson Vow story. The surviving Markov vampires remained mostly free of Emrakul's corruption and were mustered by Sorin to retake Edgar's manor.

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