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Multani, the most well known Maro-Sorcerer. Art by Daren Bader

A Maro-Sorcerer, also known as a Force of Nature, is the elemental manifestation of the land, either brought about by strong magic, or of nature's own will.


In Dominaria, it's believed that every wood, from a sprawling forest or a shady grove, has a spirit or avatar that keeps the site safe: these creatures can be befriended with the right magic.[1]
Dominarian forces of nature are sometimes called "maro". Some of them are servants of the world-soul, Gaea.


One Force of Nature was summoned by Dreygar and given the Dark Amulet, but was defeated by Aldon.[2] Another was summoned by Greensleeves.[3] The first Force of Nature to be called a Maro-Sorcerer was Multani.[4][5] The maro-sorcerer Sol'kanar was corrupted into a monster by the planeswalker Geyadrone Dihada so that he might better serve her.[6]

List of Forces of Nature[]

Maro-Sorcerer Forest Location
Autumn Willow Great Wood Plane of Ulgrotha
Force of Nature Forests of Lat-Nam. Lat-Nam island on Dominaria
Gaea's Liege Whispering Woods Aerona on Dominaria
Great Spirit White Woods Corondor on Dominaria
Lord Magnus The forest on Argenti. (In prerevisionist continuity Llanowar.) Madara on Dominaria
Molimo Llanowar Aerona on Dominaria
Modruni[7] An unnamed forest An unknown Plane
Muldrotha Yavimaya (Urborg) Urborg on Dominaria
Multani Yavimaya (Terisiare) Terisiare on Dominaria
Sol'Kanar Khone Corondor on Dominaria
Titania Argoth Terisiare on Dominaria


  • The Maro-sorcerers are named after Mark Rosewater, who created Multani and chose the name himself.[4][8]
  • まろ is an archaic suffix for male names in Japanese, giving them a fortunate naming scheme for the ancestor spirits that were also hand-size based in Saviors of Kamigawa.
  • Maro is the word for the color brown in Romanian.