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The Martyrs' Tomb. Art by Anthony S. Waters.

The Martyrs' Tomb, also known as the Heroes' Memorial, was a monument erected by the planeswalker Freyalise on the shores of Urborg in memory of those who died during the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria.


The monument listed the names of those who died during the war, and featured busts of Urza and Gerrard Capashen at its highest point.

It has the following inscription:

Honor the brave who fought

Honor the dead who fell

Honor the world they saved


People used to go on pilgrimages to it, as a symbol of hope in terrible times. The site was still visited by many Dominarians at the time of Karona.[1] However, sixty years after the Mending it had been descrated by Belzenlok's Cabal, who called it the Fools' Tomb.[2][3] Belzenlok himself has taken his claws to the primary inscription, engraving demonic characters as a message of warning to the world.[4]

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Notes and references[]

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