Darksteel: Master Blaster Deck


Darksteel Theme Deck

The point of the "Master Blaster" deck is to blow things up. Well, that's not the whole point. It's also about cards that are really tough to deal with. In other words, the "Master Blaster" deck tries to destroy as much as it can while making it as difficult as possible for opponents to slog through its powerful threats.

Darksteel Brute is virtually unstoppable. It attacks and blocks forever. It lives through Wrath of God and Naturalize. It just will not die. Your opponents will absolutely hate it. Another troublesome creature for opponents is Duskworker. Because it's very hard to destroy when it attacks, you can just stay on the offensive with it every turn without fear. Most people don't play decks that can block high-powered monsters coming across the table turn after turn, so Duskworker can be pretty intense.

The most versatile card in the deck has to be Gemini Engine. See if you can pull off this trick: Play Grab the Reins (paying the entwine cost) to steal an opponent's Arcbound modular creature (for example, a 3/3 Arcbound Bruiser). Then sacrifice the modular creature to destroy another enemy creature and put its counters on your Gemini Engine so both "halves" get the bonus. Take that, modular guy!

Now let's switch to the "blow things up" end. Pulse of the Forge lets you deal damage over and over—you might actually want to take mana burn in an earlier phase so that you can play this spell again! Fireball is perhaps the coolest X-spell of all time and it can blast multiple things at once, including opponents. Barbed Lightning, like Fireball, gives you a many choices when deciding what or who should be your next target.

There are two main ways to win with the "Master Blaster" deck. The simplest is to attack, and if something gets in your way, blow it up. Strong philosophy. If that doesn't work, try defending with creatures like Steel Wall, Darksteel Brute, and Hematite Golem until you can play Fireball or Pulse of the Forge to take your opponent out-a tried-and-true endgame strategy.


1 Krark-Clan Grunt* C
3 Krark-Clan Stoker C
2 Vulshok War Boar U
1 Rustmouth Ogre* U
2 Steel Wall* C
2 Iron Myr* C
1 Goblin Replica* C
2 Duskworker* U
2 Hematite Golem* C
1 Gemini Engine R
3 Oxidda Golem C
2 Electrostatic Bolt* C
2 Barbed Lightning C
1 Molten Rain* C
1 Pulse of the Forge R
1 Grab the Reins* U
1 Detonate* U
1 Fireball U
2 Pyrite Spellbomb* C
2 Darksteel Brute U
1 Granite Shard* U
2 Talon of Pain U
18 Mountain*
3 Darksteel Citadel C
3 Great Furnace* C