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For the tournament program, see Masters Series.

The Masters series is a line of reprint sets, which all share a common naming theme.

Magic Online releases[ | ]

The Magic Online-only sets contained cards that had not been released on Magic Online before. They are nonredeemable.

Physical releases[ | ]

The physical releases were initially geared to provide staples of formats like Modern or Legacy. Later on they changed to being based around themes.[1][2] After the release of Ultimate Masters, the Masters program was put on a short hiatus before returning with 2020's Double Masters[3][4].

Modern[ | ]

Legacy[ | ]

Miscellaneous themed[ | ]

Double Masters[ | ]

The Double Masters series is characterized by the doubling of rares and foils per pack compared to other Masters sets. They also have specialized rules for Draft where players must take two cards for their first pick each pack.

Remastered[ | ]

Remastered sets are Masters sets with much tighter theming, often serving as reprints for specific blocks or a series of otherwise connected sets.

Misc[ | ]

MTG Arena releases[ | ]

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