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as of Core Set 2021
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Not to be confused with Manticore.

Masticore is a creature type used for artifact creatures, which is to be distinguished from manticores.[1][2] While a manticore is a flying, ferocious, red-aligned, lion-like beast, a masticore is a non-flying, still-ferocious, metallic lion-like beast. Manticores are fleshy and flying; masticores are galvanized and grounded.[3]

Masticores usually have a stinging, barbed tail just like a manticore, but they also tend to have lines of razor-like metal teeth (to do the masticating). The name is based off the word masticate, meaning 'to eat'. [4]

Five masticores have been printed: Masticore (Urza's Destiny), Razormane Masticore (Fifth Dawn), Molten-Tail Masticore (Scars of Mirrodin), Lesser Masticore (Modern Horizons), and Sparkhunter Masticore (Core Set 2021). All Masticores have an ability to deal damage, cause a discard in some form, and all but one have a removal-resisting ability.

Masticores have also been depicted on Deep Analysis[5] and on the Unhinged card Remodel.


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