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Max McCall was a participant in The Great Designer Search in 2006 as well as The Great Designer Search 2 in 2010. He now is a Design Economist for Magic: The Gathering Studio X at Wizards of the Coast.[1]

History[ | ]

Of all the people to take the multiple choice test for both tests, Max was the only person, out of about two thousand, to get a perfect score. He initially worked as a Magic developing intern at Wizards of the Coast. He proved himself so invaluable to the digital team that Mark Rosewater hired him on full-time.[2][3] In 2014, Max left Wizards.[4] After working a couple of years for Blizzard Entertainment, he was rehired in March 2018, as a Senior Game Designer.[5]

Designing[ | ]

Developing[ | ]

Product architecture[ | ]

References[ | ]

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