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Race Elf
Birthplace Naya
Lifetime Unknown
A Planeswalker's Guide to Alara, Alara Unbroken

Mayael is a female shaman and the de facto leader of the Cylian elves from Alara. On Naya, she is also known as the Anima.

At a very young age, she was chosen to be the new Anima and, like all the ones before her, she was blinded by the "Whitecover Gaze" ritual, in exchange for the ability of powerful magical sight. Mayael also experienced Cylia's experience with Progenitus when Alara was sundered.


Mayael had heard strange rumblings from the footsteps of her gods, and so sought the wisdom of Progenitus. Along with a retinue of her most trusted advisors, she journeyed to the Valley of the Ancients to consult with the great hydra. Using the Relic of Progenitus she called up the spirit of the beast and sought its advice. The god demanded to know of Cylia, not knowing how much time had passed since his slumber began. As Mayael tried to get answers from Progenitus, the ritual was disturbed by a dark force and Mayael mistakenly took this new voice as that of the hydra. It demanded the Cylian elves prepare for war.

Ajani Goldmane was present for this ritual, and tried to speak against conflict, but his words fell upon deaf ears.

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