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Race Bird (Owl)
Birthplace Terisiare, Dominaria (presumably)
Lifetime Lived around the casting of the World Spell.
'The Eternal Ice'

Meep was the Owl familiar of Gustha Ebbasdotter, during the Ice Age of Dominaria.

Meep's real name was unknown, but he made constant Meep-ing noises, although he was also capable of mimicking human speech. He was also capable of understanding human speech and could locate all the artifacts in Gustha's cluttered laboratory. When he had successfully located an item he would do a little victory dance while singing "Meepmeepmeepmeepmeep!"

Jaya Ballard used Meep to locate Jodah's Mirror after Jodah had been sold out to Lim-Dûl by Gustha and her cousin Gerda Äagesdotter. Jaya then placed a glass bulb on Meep, with a heavy book on top, to keep him quiet, but the bird pushed it off the table he was standing on, alerting Gustha. Jaya managed to escape while flinging curses at the bird.