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Melira, Sylvok Outcast.jpg
Race Human
Birthplace Tangle, Mirrodin
Lifetime Unknown

Melira is a sylvok outcast destined to be an important figure in the Mirrans fight for Mirrodin against the Phyrexians. Her followers include Kara Vrist.


Known as the "Fleshling", due to the lack of metal in her body, since birth, Melira was abandoned in the forests of the Tangle immediately after she was born. She was rescued by Thrun, the last troll, who cared for her. After Mirrodin fell, Melira became a central figure in the Resistance. Her immunity to the glistening oil allowed her, and her followers, to be protected from the effects of phyresis, giving much-needed hope to the survivors. After the transformation of the Tangle, she was captured.

Quest for Karn[]

Melira was freed by Elspeth Tirel, Koth, and Venser from Tezzeret's clutches, who said she was his gift to them because she was completely immune to the effects of phyresis. Elspeth grew very close to and protective of Melira. The companions eventually reached the furnace layer and found Ezuri's rebel camp, where they were welcomed. It was here that Melira's ability to grant immunity to the phyresis was discovered. She healed all those in the camp who were infected by the oil, working non-stop for several days while Elspeth sat with her in the tent. Once everyone in the camp was healed, a council was called in which Ezuri, hoping to become more influential, invited Melira to stay with them while subtly telling her companions to leave. Melira said she would leave with them, however, and Elspeth and the others prepared to travel to the core to try to find Karn. While they were leaving, the camp was attacked by Tezzeret's Phyrexians, and the companions found a guide to take them to the core. They escaped the battle and followed the guide, of whom only Elspeth was trusting. During a battle whilst on their way, Koth became angry at the party for ignoring the surface war. He took Melira and left, leaving Venser and Elspeth alone with the guide.

Phyrexians captured Elspeth Tirel and Venser, but Koth and Melira reappeared and freed them before sneaking away. By the time the Phyrexians realized that their captives were gone, the party was already running. Venser's strength, however, was wearing thin, and they were forced to stop. He was able to concoct an explosive from the metal on the walls and blow up part of the tunnel, sealing it temporarily, but a group of Phyrexians, led by Glissa Sunseeker, broke through. Tezzeret appeared and his forces battled with Glissa's, allowing the companions to escape and reach Karn's throne room uninterrupted. There, they found Karn being corrupted by the Phyrexian oil, and Melira told them that his heartstone was already corrupted and only a sacrifice could cure him. Venser told the others that he was dying and had been for years and that he was likely unable to last much longer. With his last strength, Venser gave his immunity to Karn, curing the golem at the cost of his life. Cured and lucid once again, Karn asked Koth to begin organizing and leading the resistance with Melira to try to cleanse Mirrodin, no matter how long it would take.[1]

Koth and Melira returned to the refugee camp near the Radix in the Furnace Layer. The camp is now called Seedling, named after a story told to Melira by Thrun.

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