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Race Human
Birthplace Ravnica City, Ravnica

Melisk was a member of the Orzhov guild, and an attendant to Teysa Karlov on Ravnica.[1]

He was a tall, bald man with necrotically enhanced, unblinking eyes. Unknown to Teysa, he was an agent of the Obzedat, frequently using Teysa to achieve his and the Obzedat's goals via "narcolepsy spells", during which Teysa became a puppet in his hands. Obedient to the Obzedat's instructions, he arranged the attack at the Karlov lokopede vehicle using his taj killers, who possessed dead Gruul bodies, and made Teysa kill her uncle. However, he was not of true Orzhov blood, and despite their almost identical education, this fact gave Teysa an edge when she learned about his treachery and decided to kill him. Melisk brought his taj to kill the baroness, but Teysa easily deprived him of control, because the taj weren't able to resist an order of pureblood Orzhov. Melisk was dismembered and killed, his spirit falling quickly into the Schism.