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Mercadian Masques
Mercadian Masques.jpg
Publishing Information
Author(s) Francis Lebaron
First printing September 1999
ISBN-13 978-0786911882
Preceded By
Rath and Storm
Followed By

Mercadian Masques is a Magic novel written by Francis Lebaron and published in September 1999. It is a sequel to the book Rath and Storm.

Mercadian Masques was originally billed as Weatherlight Cycle book II, as follow-up on Rath and Storm. However, later Wizards of the Coast decided to pull Rath and Storm out of the cycle, which was then renamed to the Masquerade Cycle.[1] The Masquerade Cycle continues in Nemesis and Prophecy, but the three books are only connected in an indirect way.


Treachery stalks the Weatherlight

Escaping from Rath, the crew of the flying ship Weatherlight finds itself adrift. Grieving for their lost comrades and in need of repairs, they make their painful way to Mercadia, a city where everything is for sale.

But not everything is at it seems. In the streets of Mercadia, the heroes of the Weatherlight find that more than merchandise can be bought and sold.


After crashing through the Erratic Portal at the end of Rath and Storm, the Weatherlight crew finds itself trapped on the plane of Mercadia. They have to look for mysterious artifacts to repair their ship, but must also face the hidden figures behind the throne of Mercadia, a traitor from their own ranks, and try to uncover this strange plane's connection to the Brothers' War, the Thran, and Phyrexia.