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Race Human
Birthplace Jund
Lifetime unknown

Meren, of Clan Nel Toth, is a human necromancer from the shard of Jund on the plane of Alara. After her exile and attempted murder among her kin, she fled to the shard of Grixis, which converged upon Jund after the Conflux, and began to learn the art of raising the dead.[1]


Early life[]

Meren was born on the shard of Jund, into the clan of Nel Toth. Like all shaman apprentices of the clan, she was forced to drink a potion known as the Dreamfire Draught and face an elemental, in order to show appropriate aptitude to be appointed as a shaman proper. She was trained under a village elder known as Kael.

Poisoned by the draught, she was caught by delirium and searing pain as the circle of elders raised a rock elemental for her to face. For, at the time, unexplained reasons, her attempts to connect with the elemental failed, and she was forced into defense as the poison ate away at her. Unlike most apprentices, Meren was eventually able to best the creature, though- however, she did not use the surge of power, the heartbeat of the world- instead, she drew upon the darkness between the beats, and destroyed the elemental using what she would eventually learn to be necromancy.

After this, she was deemed dangerous and evil, and the elders watched in horror as the girl collapsed and destroyed the creature entirely. Some believed her magic to be a sign of great power, while others, including Kael, believed it to be dark magic, and thought she must be slain. The circle eventually reached a compromise, not destroying Meren yet letting her fight the Dreamfire Draught, which they thought to be guaranteed death. Meren survived this, though, and left Clan Nel Toth, finding a patch corrupted by the shard of Grixis.


Drawing upon the darkness between the world's heartbeat once more, she began to feel at home in Grixis, learning the arts of necromancy there in order to exact vengeance upon her former clan. After years in training, she set off to destroy those who had wronged her, and reanimated a great dragon she deemed Skaal Kesh. After a brief encounter with some warriors, which she quickly disposed of and then reanimated to assist in her task, she entered her old home and attacked it, killing most of the residents.

There was one who survived this initial assault, though- her old mentor, Kael. After a short duel in which the shaman set beasts and elementals on her, she gestured to the dragon, which then devoured the man. This was not enough for Meren, however- she then set out to topple all of Jund, to silence its eternal drone and show it the beauty of destruction.

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